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  1. oh wow
  2. who was this b4
  3. Tinashe got out in DWTS
  4. does this ranking really count
  5. are we still pretending like
  6. Im still laughing at
  7. hows the army
  8. dominos knew what they had to do
  9. sorry but
  10. oh wow i broke 3000 karma
  12. i still cant believe
  13. ur 'not a drag queen'
  14. i have to laugh
  15. gagaluv and her friends getting red nosed
  16. maplestory 2 released for free today
  17. I let him eat the cookie cause it's good for him
  18. you're frozen
  19. hi tengaged
  20. No title
  21. lets not act like
  22. No title
  23. either way
  24. people still use snapchat?
  26. a star is born was amazing
  27. pyn for an opinion
  28. y’all need to log off
  29. ray of light by madonna
  30. TSA is so vile
  31. did we all collectively run out of ideas
  32. can she stay locked up
  33. big mouth season 2 is coming 2morrow
  34. leif erikson day
  36. dan is so awful
  38. the one consistent thing i have in my life
  39. legends only...
  40. so NOW he cares about dead tengagers

imagine playing 77 games in 2 months

May 11, 2018 by mathboy9
on a MULTI thats sad huh


This is probably the multi that they all share.... kinda like an orgy I guess
Sent by me2013,May 11, 2018
me2013 they don't share it, jussy always has multis every game he plays. Yhen he has the audacity to call other people pathetic & no life
Sent by Sameed27,May 11, 2018
This whole thing is just weird... like who creates a cult following. Lies about who they are and catfishes people, what guy in their right mind thinks it’s ok for their “girl” to send nudes to other guys and act like they are “the ultimate queen”. It’s just sickening.
Sent by me2013,May 11, 2018
Mel & ImaStar her multi XD
Sent by Matisse,May 11, 2018
Jussy007 see SaltySam still coming at u
Sent by Matisse,May 11, 2018
ok, just move on with your life.  When we play games, we play to make friends, not necessarily to win although winning is fun.  No one is trying to catfish anyone, no one is trying to stir the pot except for anyone who comes after either me, my woman, or my friends.  No nudes are being sent and either you are insecure or just ruin people for fun.  Move on, become obsessed with something else in your life, and don't bother us.  We have a life and we have feelings
Sent by tdubsurvivor,May 11, 2018
Jealous bitch 💋
Sent by Jenasia570,May 12, 2018

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