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  1. should i go see janet in concert lol
  2. I love Kate Bush sooooooo much
  3. don't delete my comment
  4. i will give to you
  6. YES YES YES!!
  7. whomst the fuck is joining STARS today
  8. hi =3
  9. oh wow :(
  10. (✿◠‿◠)
  11. at least trishy has her shit together
  12. good anime to watch
  13. i love kacey musgraves so much °_°
  14. it really is an automatic neg
  15. hewwo :3
  16. lets not act like
  17. why does this god awful spanish song
  18. this is actually really good
  20. also checking kansasmoon's games
  21. yeah im not really shocked
  22. i mean i prefer nicki
  24. i really have spent the whole day
  25. its just such a weird feeling
  26. wow its such a SHOCKER
  27. yea i forgot that
  28. i saw that sweetie
  29. no STOP this shit
  31. idk why people want the duel back
  33. updated =]
  34. spongebob/sandy
  35. i really appreciate that
  36. i wanna know know know know
  37. I don't want to make this about myself
  39. it still has me cackling

I don't want to make this about myself

Apr 9, 2018 by mathboy9
but I hope this will lift some spirits. PYN for my favorite thing about you or my favorite memory of you. Even if we've never talked I always watch from the sidelines so I'm sure I have something to say :)

petro - When we used to go on and just talk for hours... good times!!
danny12 - Us playing hunger together and you always getting 30th LOL
lalisa - obviously playing ricktworick1's TAR last week and slaying it!! it's so nice to be able to get to know u
eyoomarcus - LOL probably the weird sleepover skype chats you add me too those are so funny
goodkaren - You are just a ray of sunshine. Thank you so much for everything you do.
sexgoddx - i talk shit about u all the time but i do like that you don't take anything and you are true to yourself
pizzawithcookirs - As far as I can tell you are always loyal to your friends :)
bengalboy - i really appreciate how humble you are and how you always comment on my blogs!!
philip13 - don't think you like me but i know you are really funny!!
halloween - favorite memory would probably be you your mom and i winning $111 each in trivia LOL but ever since i've gotten to know you you've always been there for me and you are definitely one of the funniest people i know!
thirteen - i do like how you just really don't care about people perceive you. I really respect that!
allieboballie - favorite memory is probably me trying to suck up to you CONSTANTLY because i really wanted to be ur friend loool
kayleighwinz - sooo many favorite memories. but of course you've always stuck by my side!
notnicky333 - favorite memory is playing ripull minigames for hours on end every day. you are fucking crazy but i'm so happy i met you and grew up with you in a way
eoin - favorite memory was definitely stars together
katarinaducouteau - favorite memory was definitely when we stayed up all night waiting to get our shops... and then you bought t after i lowered my bid for u and didnt tell me girl fuck u
jennavalentina - you seem really funny tbh but i don't know you that well!
smuguy2012 - i may not be the biggest fan of u but i know a lot of people who like you so maybe we just got off on the wrong foot!!
iamremedy - jeddie... you are just so nice and so fun to talk to and know. i dont know how or why we became friends but im so thankful we did because you are just such a great person. i really love how honest you are and how you are always up for talking if i need it!!
notafraid - how you always message me to make sure i'm doing okay and how you always stick up for me. thank you so much for everything u do i really appreciate it sooo much
kelly0412 - we've discussed this before but fav memory is definitely insulting everybody on roblox bb and having them all leave when i won hoh LOOOL but youve been my friend ever since i was new to tg and really annoying so i guess my favorite quality would be loyalty!!!


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hi love me
Sent by Lalisa,Apr 9, 2018
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Karen :)
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Me :)
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my favorite memory is you ignoring me on skype and on tg messages and then you're dumb enough to post a blog right after.
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hi it’s jeddie
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Gabbie <333
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