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  1. Math's Top 50 Songs of 2018 - Honorable Mentions
  2. ok doing a quick
  3. but fr sweetie
  4. WHO IS
  5. the album is long gone from youtube now but
  6. well i did say
  7. we traced the call
  8. i just followed u
  9. omg ill hear back
  10. but fr u have me filtered
  11. just looked at my friendslist
  12. No title
  13. i cant believe
  14. up at 3am
  15. yall acting like the government is gonna
  17. ive literally never seen somebody
  18. the gag is that
  19. this mashup always brings me back
  20. good morning =]
  21. but fr
  22. whats with 'straight men' on this site
  23. rate my avi
  24. spent my night
  25. Naomi Campbell could beat me up
  26. all rise
  27. need.
  28. also
  29. check email
  30. imagine being one of the
  31. miss her
  32. jay-z
  33. so what was the point
  34. proceed with caution
  35. love that for me
  36. heres your blog
  37. ItsAlexia 66.3%
  38. can you PLEASE
  39. kerli saved music with this one huh
  40. a tragedy.

Came back after a few days

Mar 13, 2018 by mathboy9
And this site is still sh*t.......why do I even bother? People are bullying for attention on this site and randomize still does not give a sh*t about this place, if bullies are the people loved on this site I do not want any part of this site

This site is 100% broken to the point where is should be shut down

I am going to be honest right now being bullied on this site causes me stress and it happens whenever I am on here heck I have enough stress without this site

You don't know sh*t about me so quit harassing me

I try to be positive but it is hard when most of this site is filled with horrible people

Strange how whenever someone kills themselves due to harrasment online they say that people should just not use the computer.......those bullies will still be out there finding the next victim

Bullying is horrible no matter how you do it o quit acting like little kids
I am called 12 when I am 15 when I try to spread a positive message
The bullies get no punishment no matter what they do and that is just wrong
There is a difference to a few jokes and straight harassment and bullying


There really are a lot of nasty people on here. Hope you're doing okay though. Bullying is never okay its nice to see this message on here <3
Sent by greyconverse,Mar 13, 2018
Sent by MamaBel,Mar 13, 2018
greyconverse mamabel this is a c&p blog but thanks for the loveeee <3
Sent by mathboy9,Mar 13, 2018

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