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  1. if you don鈥檛 take ur baths
  2. I took my love, I took it down
  3. bhad bhabies album is actually...
  4. i dont get why people restate
  5. how is there a comment from
  6. namie amuro officially retired yesterday!!
  7. me after posting two designs in my tengaged dot..
  9. so... who is this
  10. i accidentally left
  11. I'm at this weekend retreat
  12. oh my god
  13. chromes new update is so awful
  14. why are people talking about
  15. its really on u
  16. woooo bitch
  17. i be in the boys bathroom like...
  18. hmmmmmm
  19. anyway...
  20. i was trying to fill out a government form
  21. wow mods coming back
  22. i havent seen anybody wearing
  23. keep crying
  24. im still emotional
  25. do you wanna roll with me
  26. imagine having this on your profile
  27. this kinda took me out
  28. oh btw
  29. does any1 still have a way
  30. the drug culture in the music industry
  31. give me a lil touch
  32. im just chillin
  33. oh yay
  34. 馃Remember those who have passed on馃
  35. YAY!
  36. HELLO?
  38. when I get up this is what I see
  39. say hi hi hi hi
  40. the most entertaining part of this website now


Mar 12, 2018 by mathboy9
get a grip ur both adults and notnicky333 is 14... you can evict him but don't be a cunt it's embarrassing

astone929 Evicted the lisp retard nicky
EyooMarcus gladly evicted faggotnicky333


Sent by astone929,Mar 12, 2018
idgaf how old he is.
clearly his pathetic mother isnt raising him right as hes racist and thinks its funny to joke about serious shit.
Sent by EyooMarcus,Mar 12, 2018
eyoomarcus it just reflects badly on your character more than it reflects on him
Sent by mathboy9,Mar 12, 2018

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