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Moved back in with family

2ndAug 14, 2023 by mathboy9
imagecause my lease ended and I couldn't find a job (still job hunting ofc) - have any of my girls been there and have any advice on dealing with the associated feelings?? I love my family ofc but it's already pretty lonely away with my friends + the life I built in a big city. I know this isn't a unique situation at all so I don't want it to seem like I need pity!! If any of y'all are stuck at home too I'm sending virtual hugs


you posting personal stuff and you stick that fucking picture there 馃槶
Sent by hausofkimchi,Aug 14, 2023
hausofkimchi much like Ellen I am hiding my pain behind my beautiful smile!
Sent by mathboy9,Aug 14, 2023
Current world economy and progressing recession is causing crazy times for people trying to start their life/ people fresh out of school. So I wouldn鈥檛 let it impact you much as it鈥檚 just a shitty time to be at this stage in life with current situations out of control. It鈥檚 an eh feeling but honestly just keep hustling and you鈥檒l find a job eventually and will be back on track.
Sent by FighterMan,Aug 14, 2023
fighterman That's the vibe I'm getting about the economy but I always appreciate confirmation - thank you so much this helps a lot lol
Sent by mathboy9,Aug 14, 2023
You鈥檙e honestly making a great choice. If you can stand to deal with the family dynamic it鈥檚 such a good way to save money rn
Sent by konohavillage1,Aug 14, 2023
konohavillage1 I'm very #blessed because I still have a nice room up here and it's just my mom and her dogs atm!! It definitely feels like the move I just need to get my license to be here long term lool I can't keep walking on the shoulder of the road to get anywhere
Sent by mathboy9,Aug 14, 2023
I have kind of the opposite situation. I moved away from family about 3 years ago and have been dealing with the feelings associated with that and not being able to see family as much since then. Idk I don鈥檛 have advice or anything but I鈥檓 always willing to talk on discord if you need someone to talk to!
Sent by tonym101101,Aug 14, 2023
I very much second to what Fighterman said. I graduated from college in December and moved from GA to CT, and this economy has made it very difficult not only to find a job in my field but a solid paying one to pay bills. Luckily I am staying with my bf鈥檚 family, so we have an opportunity to save. Just keep staying at your parents and eventually with the experience you get and the money you save, you can go back to where you want to livez
Sent by pinkiepie512,Aug 14, 2023
Come live with me babes ur always welcome
Sent by Colter,Aug 14, 2023
I moved back in with my parents for 6 months after school because it took me a while to get a job. No shame in it, do whatever you gotta do.
Sent by SurvivorFan37,Aug 14, 2023
Yup. Lease ended and my new roommates and I couldn鈥檛 find a place in time about a year ago. Are you far removed from the city? Do you think you could still be a part of that life without it being too much on you logistically speaking? I reallyyyyyy hope you find a job those are tough to come by these days tbh. I鈥檓 rooting for you, if you wanna dm me and ask how it went for me with my family or any other questions my dms are always open :))

Rooting for you!!!
Sent by FromAWindow,Aug 14, 2023
I mean it happens, just think of it as a temporary thing.
At least you have your parents to help you out, a lot of people dont.
Sent by ManniBoi,Aug 14, 2023
tonym101101 wait this is actually really interesting!!! ive spent the last couple years or so without spending more than a few days with my family at a time and i genuinely dont think much of it. my family is very online tho like i can always video chat but it is nice to be back and give them hugs/help them with chores/errands etc. i appreciate the sentiment a lot though it's a good reminder to be grateful for my family because i haven't prioritized them as much as i should lately
pinkiepie512 thats the general sentiment im getting from people in the northeast is that there are so few SOLID entry level jobs out there!!! im happy you're able to save and i'm sure we'll get something soon enough it's just a matter of not giving up lol (something i've struggled with)
colter YUPP thank u bitch ilyyyyy
survivorfan37 Period period thank u william
fromawindow I'm 3-4 hours away depending on traffic - I can definitely be part of that life but the logistics are pretty tricky especially money-wise but I think I can work it out!! I hope it worked out for you but it's another reminder I'm not alone 馃珎 Thank you so much I'll probably follow up when I'm done unpacking lmfao
manniboi i agree im super super grateful that i have a place to fall back on. the economy is so unforgiving these days so the safety net is valuable
Sent by mathboy9,Aug 14, 2023
I have done the same during the pandemic and because it was a pandemic I couldnt find a job at all, it almost killed me not even kidding. You will survive but please just try your best to find something soon, its a weird feeling indeed
Sent by Hunty,Aug 14, 2023
September is the biggest month for companies hiring (typically, depending on the industry) so don't get discouraged and if you need a weekend trip to the city and a place to sleep just hmu I stay at my bf's house on the weekends so my apt is free!
Sent by BbDamian,Aug 14, 2023
mathboy9 did you move out far enough to where metro isn鈥檛 an option?
Sent by konohavillage1,Aug 14, 2023
It sucks but you'll come back better than ever
Sent by sosyomomma,Aug 15, 2023
This is a smart decision on your end. I鈥檓 glad you have a good relationship with your family because I鈥檝e come to see more and more that friends etc are great but compared to your family (if it鈥檚 a good one - none are perfect obviously), they are no match. Use this opportunity to strengthen your family bond, help where you can, while looking for a job that suits you, etc. Try your best not to be hard on yourself + don鈥檛 feel embarrassed by your situation because there鈥檚 nothing embarrassing about it. Obviously don鈥檛 become complacent or insecure and stop looking for jobs. But if you have free time you can definitely help your parents out a bit. I鈥檓 sure they鈥檒l appreciate it. I hope things work out eventually <3 adulting is hard and there鈥檚 no one right path. These bumps on the road will not be remembered / held against you if you eventually get back on your feet :)
Sent by Kindred7,Aug 15, 2023
I鈥檝e been there. When I left Disney and came home was a strange time. Lmk if you need someone to talk to
Sent by disneygeek,Aug 15, 2023

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