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end of my lease is coming up

Jun 14, 2023 by mathboy9
imageand i still havent gotten an interview for ANY job... well its over. guess ill leave nyc go home and learn how to drive


try serving! if u get into a good restaurant u may be able to get by until u get a new job
Sent by Fetish,Jun 14, 2023
you don’t know how to drive?
Sent by Otaq,Jun 14, 2023
fetish im serving already... ba dum tss. but actually thats a good idea ive been SO hyperfocused on getting an IT job but i know you can make comparable wages/tips in a good restaurant

otaq no i dont!! i went to college here at 17 and didnt have anywhere to go until then lmfao
Sent by mathboy9,Jun 14, 2023
You can find an IT job in nearly every city in the US, NYC might actually be making your search worse. More competition.

look in other areas for sure, and yeah, learn how to drive.
Sent by XlicoriceX,Jun 14, 2023

Smaller cities probably would be better for the job search as there will be less people looking for those jobs alongside you
Sent by top20fan33,Jun 14, 2023
But obviously if nyc is the dream don’t give up on it unless it’s truly time to call it a quits FOR NOW
Sent by top20fan33,Jun 14, 2023
xlicoricex I agree I think NYC is making my search worse; I'm also looking at other cities in the northeast. I'm gonna get driving lessons in the summer I just refuse to get them here LOL the traffic is too insane

top20fan33 but smaller cities lack access to concerts that i want to go to. ugh. jk new york is also where all my friends live but it might be time to depart for now! we shall see. im also looking at philly/chicago now - the most jobs are in DC but id rather kms than deal with the gays there
Sent by mathboy9,Jun 14, 2023
mathboy9 I would have the utmost anxiety if I couldn’t use a car to escape a sticky situation
Sent by Otaq,Jun 14, 2023
otaq the majority of NYC doesn't have their license!! the most important thing is that 97% of the time there's ppl around to witness whatever's going on but you can also just hop on the train
Sent by mathboy9,Jun 15, 2023
mathboy9 I get that but what about it you ever wanna go anywhere or something like you’re just fucked in this country without a license
Sent by Otaq,Jun 15, 2023

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