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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

You will never convince me

13thMay 3, 2021 by mastropola
that the ORG community isn't full of smarmy, annoying little gamebot fucktards who would get RIGHTFULLY bullied out 9-1 on a real show.

Having anxiety isn't a personality.

Manipulating Cookiemonsterismybud into winning yourself 25 dollars is not impressive in any grand scheme.

I'm sorry I've just never met an ORGer who was all 3 of the following: fun to be around, not domineering, and not clinically insane.

Being socially awkward in high school and never growing out of it doesn't need this facade of an infatuation with 4D chess level gameplay when its really just wanting vindication of being accepted through surviving the vote :L


Having anxiety isn't a personality.

why are you coming fot me
Sent by GentlemanG,May 3, 2021
what ever happened to that queen cookiemonsterismybud??
Sent by Jaxon,May 3, 2021
Sent by Ribbons,May 3, 2021
you're actually crazy if you think orgers who actually go on call with people and have real convos with people are more socially awkward than people who sit behind a screen and type insults at people
Sent by ghrocky100,May 3, 2021
Sent by AliBonico,May 3, 2021
Sent by AliBonico,May 3, 2021
Sent by NotNicky333,May 3, 2021
this was a good analysis on these websites in general lmao
Sent by doobee,May 3, 2021

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