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Family Edgic for today

May 1, 2021 by mastropola
Dad - MORM4 - Inadvertently started a war between my mom/older sister, tried to diffuse the MAGNITUDE at which older sister was seething at but honestly only instigated more of an axe for her to grind.

Older Sister - OTTNN5 - Came downstairs for her break to hula hoop/watch TV and had an ABSOLUTE meltdown about an off the cuff remark my mom made about my dad going to a family reunion. Waited until my mom/oldest sister left the house to REALLY explode but that remark was really just the straw that broke her back. Feels ostracized/unliked/thinks she's singled out for no reason by our mom (she isn't). Shows absolutely no signs of self awareness for her own horrifying personality, is VEHEMENTLY anti-puppy were supposed to be surprising our mom with for Mother's Day for no real reason other than being cheap and spiteful.

Oldest Sister - UTR2 - I texted her live updates as the rage speech went on in the living room. She came downstairs for the last second bickering but then left the house with Mom.

Mom - CPM5 - ADMITTEDLY does obviously favoritize myself/oldest sister more than older sister. That said, a lot of it is because the 2 of us actually engage with her more than older sister being rude/hotheaded/secretive/combative. Does absolutely everything for the family and singlehandedly keeps the house together and afloat. Would without question take a bullet for older sister, yet clashes with her personality the most? Or have less in common? Either way, she said something PRETTY innocent today in a naggy tone but it wasn't even like...real. It was the playful bitchy bickering that we ALL do that older sister would be AWARE of if she wasn't running with her tail between her legs to her boyfriends every night :S. Ultimately a LOT of N tone this episode but bolstered by an OVERWHELMING amount of P tone & PSPV in response.

Me - MOR3 - I was just THERE. Obviously I am going to tell everything to oldest sister the second she gets home and tip Mom off to older sister's claims that she don't like her at all. I recorded like 5 minutes of the yelling so that me/oldest sister could watch it back when she gets home and discuss how fucking insane older sister is being.

Christian_ idt anyone else will find this funny


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