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What are your BOTTOM 5 vivor seasons?

Apr 19, 2021 by mastropola
Mine would be the following like hey

Thailand - In the words of my good friend Alexavontrayne after I did a brantsteele of this season the other day- "hard to make a good season with that cast". It has the thrill of watching Sook Jai (the better tribe) completely fumble the bag to the uncomfortably and overtly racist/sexist AARP Chuay Gahn's.

Worlds Apart - Haven't seen this season since it aired because....why would I? Anyone with a real personality goes out before the merge, Mike's forced P edit is nauseating (albeit more respectable in hindsight) and the only real solace is pretending Carolyn's decoy edit was more than just an edit. (It wasnt).

Ghost Island - Definitely too high but looking at the other ones left, at least this one has funny moments? Only 6 people get an overall edit ABOVE UTR2 this season & it's SHOCKINGLY all of the major characters. I don't buy into the Dom/Wendell circlejerk and the constant "Laurel's gonna flip" cocktease got old when it was just...false hope.

Redemption Island - Repeat after me; Boston Rob is not a good Survivor player. I don't credit his fourth go around with an entirely new cast (Russell being there was a B plot) as masterful as Probst loves to eat it up to be. Manipulating Natalie 19erelli all season long leaves a bitter taste in my mouth idk. I get his whole shtick is to be all Godfather with the show but he's just a screenhog who IMO had more of an unfair advantage going in than Russell/Bobby Jon/Steph/any EoE "coach".

Caramoan - WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! GLAD THAT SHIT IS OVER! I'm speaking comparatively here but this next to Micronesia is embarrassing. More embarrassing than how RC thinks Abi will look when she watches herself on TV. Airai next to Gota? NO CONTEST. The casting from both tribes this season was SO off that it was just pitiful. The biggest "fave" to have any real DRAW would've been Brenda/Erik but then neither of them were shown until they went home within 20 minutes of each other in real time...sad.


Pretty much the same
Sent by Russell11,Apr 19, 2021
australian outback
redemption island
heroes vs huslters vs healers
all stars
Sent by Ribbons,Apr 19, 2021
All of them
Sent by Olympia,Apr 19, 2021
i think eoe has to be here just for the winner alone
Sent by Natepresnell,Apr 19, 2021
I havent seen Thailand and Redemption Island because of their reviews, they would probably be in my bottom five if not.

But currently its definitely: Nicaragua, Ghost Island, Australian Outback, Africa, Fiji.
Sent by colehausman271,Apr 19, 2021
Id swap out worlds apart for all stars but the other 4 are in my bottom 5
Sent by AlexaVonTrayne,Apr 19, 2021
Would say the same but to add as non honory choices
Winners at war: as much fun as seeing all the people you were excited to see get out early wasnt a fun watch.
Outback: it was an early season but was a one time watch and will never do again
Nicurgra: my first season I watched live and on my rewatch didnt get past eves boot before turning it off
Allstars: same as winners really (sue me)\
Game Changers: same as winners almsot like most returnee seasons fizzle out?
Sent by Batya,Apr 19, 2021
ummm this is just off the top of my head but probably, in chronological order

Thailand (boring but honestly funny winner)
Redemption Island (of course)
Cambodia (how is this a fan favorite season? literal garbage)
Ghost Island (of course)
Winners at War (almost definitely recency bias but i hated every moment of it lowkey)
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Apr 19, 2021

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