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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Not to be THAT bitch

Apr 5, 2021 by mastropola
but to echo Koolness234's blog a bit, or answer it? I guess in a more formal manner

I DO think Frooks has lost its touch.

Everyone who is still on this site has been here for at least 3ish, but more than likely 5+ years. If you havent made friends with them by now, it just aint in the stars.

That said, it just feels silly to enroll into ANY game alone when I'm not about to be recruited into one of the like 7ish large factions this site has? Why would I join alone and fight tooth and nail in a game that has me at 4th in either alliance no matter what because I'm not a part of their core crew outside of the game?

I mean yeah 14 year old me had no qualms making an alliance with half the cast on day 1, but where is the DRAW in doing that anymore for the people you see all the time?

I can't really articulate it and I'm getting lost in the sauce with this blog going on for too long but ULTIMATELY a frooks is less big brother simulator and more "how much social capital have you accrued with the cast pre-season" because theres such a small pool of players to do anything with.

Does dat make sense? There's DEFINITELY a more concise way to write this but I don't have a SOLUTION like I don't want frooks to be anonymous I don't think that would fix it


Sent by VansAccountNumber534,Apr 5, 2021
a lot of words that really said nothing in the end. +13
Sent by AlexaVonTrayne,Apr 5, 2021
That's LIT-RALLY every plot I post alexavontrayne
Sent by mastropola,Apr 5, 2021
the fuck did I say plot for I meant blog^
Sent by mastropola,Apr 5, 2021
loved this even though i dont get it but plussed
so true
Sent by phonee,Apr 5, 2021

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