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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Insert Title [CASTINGS]

Apr 1, 2021 by mastropola
How about something with the actual game format changes?

I'm not enrolled in: because I love the thrill of playing Sum Me every 12 hours

Furthermore, the only reason I comment is to get checks every update and not go on the block, not because Master18 and I are about to become besties (sry bud!)

There's nothing COMPELLING about castings. If I see a key cool, if not I'll take my 3rd place stipend and go?

A LOT more people used to die in castings than they do now and people complaining that they're boring as shit and dont fill for a reason are COMPLETELY right.

Give us 8 hour Day Changes, start us with 5% health, cosmetically give us top/bottom rows back, do SOMETHING so it isn't so cut and dry to monotonously sit there for 6 real life days spending no more than 10 minutes of the 12 hour DCs looking at the game

Koolness234 Brandonpinzu Randomize I expect some FEEDBACK on this blog/in my mails like yall are wasting potential relegating me to GEN POP of this site


wow this is actually a v good idea
Sent by rowjone,Apr 1, 2021
i hate casts, im so robbed
Sent by Skarsgard,Apr 1, 2021

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