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Feb 27, 2021 by mastropola
and I'll rattle off some thoughts about it if I've seen it/am familiar

I typically watch horror/slasher but have definitely seen my fair share of sci fi/action/comedy

So yeah! Post your favorite/least fave movie and watch me dismiss it or idolize it!

Singsongers - Rosemary's Baby - I've NEVER seen it. I know the Switchbullies are all big fans of it and they usually have generally good taste.  However, there isn't a single movie on this planet that's 2h 17m and doesn't have a pacing issue so that would drive me INSANE, especially for a film with no special effects tech

tbrown_47 - I know there's a couple of these? I've only ever seen specific clips of them. I think I might've watched the Kill Count on one? Whichever way you roll the dice I think any of the "good" within a movie or series like this is in the ironic comedy of it & being able to not take it seriously watching it with friends

Lemonface - Wow a third movie in a row I've never seen! I honestly saw maybe 3 episodes TOTAL of Lilo and Stitch ever growing up. The Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride is on my spotify playlist though!

Jujubee - Really loving the fact that you specified the original when I've never seen either. I don't think this would be my GIG if I were to watch it HOWEVER I'm ENAMORED by most of the cast dying/having weird shit happen to them on set/shortly after filming. That alone interests me more than the movie itself I'm so sorry Alison

Andalarew_2231 - I saw this recently-ish! I loved Spirited Away! It was maybe 15 minutes longer than it needed to be but I enjoyed it a LOT more than I thought I would going into it. The genre itself is kinda iffy for me because I've only seen like 2 movies that constitute but I can't knock it.

The Exam - I would never in a million years consider this movie HORROR. Does anyone even die? I think it's funny in retrospect cuz like....good winner & anything big pharma related sends tingles down my spine. As for the actual watch I think a lot of the characters were more caricatures if anything but I haven't seen it in years. It's a lot of NOTHING happening until it ALL happens but ultimately it wasn't like a bad? movie, it just underwhelmed me.

Turkeylover - The Love Witch - SORRY to be the bearer of bad news but this movie was boring as fuck. It just lacked any conviction in capturing my interest after homegirl kills the professor dude in his vacation house. I honestly don't even remember what happens after that point because it was such an uncompelling story


rosemarys baby
Sent by Singsongers,Feb 27, 2021
Sleepaway Camp
Sent by tbrown_47,Feb 27, 2021
Lilo & stitch
Sent by lemonface,Feb 27, 2021
Sent by Jujubee,Feb 27, 2021
*original not remake
Sent by Jujubee,Feb 27, 2021
Spirited Away - I dont know what ur take on this genre is

And for Horror - The Exam
Sent by andalarew_2231,Feb 27, 2021
the love witch (2016)
Sent by turkeylover,Feb 27, 2021
watch Saved! with mandy moore
Sent by HighNoon,Feb 27, 2021
not everyone can be perfect </3

anyways, what are your thoughts on assassination nation (2018) ?
Sent by turkeylover,Feb 27, 2021
oh i know that its not really horror. i just figured it would be something you had seen.  and i agree about 5 mins too long.
Sent by andalarew_2231,Feb 27, 2021

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