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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

bored so im attacking the stars cast

5thFeb 26, 2021 by mastropola
Princessteepee - You've been a hag as long as ive been on the site its time to pack it up and head on over to Facebook.

Mrkkkkyle - Your PEAK was someone else talking about pounding your cheating hole. Yeah, we got you.

AustinRules6969 - Anyone who justifies being friends with that fatass Littlemix deserves the chair

Jacksonjoseph99 - Why are the temples of your head concave? I just wanna talk...

Deshonbannedisback - I have absolutely nothing to say. I do not go to bed at night thinking of DeshonBANNEDISBACK.

Notnicky333 - You want to be a gamebot so bad but lack any of the charm needed to do it effectively. Stick to bowling.

Benp428 - Crazy how people finally turned on you after the whole racist multi debacle. Even crazier that I knew you were a giant sack of shit years beforehand.

Flickgamecolin - Every group has free riders who prosper from popularity that isn't theirs.

Uzeda - Never heard of you but your username is a word thats now banworthy thanks to iSandeh trying to make a holier than thou spectacle despite bullying 11 year olds in Jupiter's Towers of Hell.

Rowjone - The videos on your profile made me wanna kms so that was all the digging I did into you

BarbraStreisand - I think you nommed me in frooks once? If you did then the door is open for you to S on my D because thats unforgivable.

Yonaka - Love love love seeing you get 28th in Hunger whenever I join with a premade

MmabatlokoaMolefe - *insert Mmabas torch getting snuffed*

Zoon - Karma rocks you one dimensional [REDACTED]

Becksta20 - Idk you at ALL but just a friendly reminder that simply being a woman is NOT a personality. Just ask Lexeyjane!

Rohanprabhu - Im bored of this blog but holy fuck 16th is embarrassing enough like damn ma all you have to do to not get last is flash Bomberv or someone some cleavage and BOOM you stay by 30%


Sent by Stering_butter,Feb 26, 2021
Choosing violence at 2 am
Sent by konohavillage1,Feb 26, 2021
I’m goin to charm school ❤️
Sent by NotNicky333,Feb 26, 2021
I want to be your friend
Sent by Jessie_,Feb 26, 2021
LOL I’m laughing
Sent by bomberv,Feb 26, 2021
Oh I hate the term ‘hag’ it’s so derogatory
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Feb 26, 2021
Oh I hate the term ‘hag’ it’s so derogatory
Sent by Letal,Feb 26, 2021
I'm a virgin bb
Sent by mrkkkkyle,Feb 26, 2021
chill x
Sent by rowjone,Feb 26, 2021
Sent by lexeyjane,Feb 26, 2021
lmao lexeyjane
Sent by rohanprabhu,Feb 26, 2021

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