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Thoughts on Vivor Winners im bored

Feb 15, 2021 by mastropola
not ranking them I cant juggle 40 names around and have the middle 25 be interchangeable you get it.

Richard - Played a season 10 game in season 1. He earned it but I'm not AS impressed as casuals might be given it was really his game to lose being the only person not afraid to play strategically.

Tina - This hag didn't look a day under 60 the entire season and wasn't even 40 yet...
Love her but she was definitely a direct opposition to the /real/ season that WAS Jerri

Ethan - MORP3. I mean he's attractive and I hate that leather skinned bitch Kim Johnson so I'll take it with a smile

Vecepia - HONESTLY I prefer Neleh because anytime ANYTHING happened in Marquesas the only CF V got about it was how she was "staying out of it". Love her & she should've gotten the WaW call. Her child-like joy of falling out of her seat to kick the ground when she won is one for the books

Brian - He's terrible but this is one of the rare times that I can see the appeal in such a bad winner. Hes easily in my bottom 5 winners but this was just such a fitting ending for the Thailand atrocity.

Jenna - Oh that's a legend. Hope she's in rehab xx

Sandra (PI) - As long as it isnt Sandra she really doesnt give a fuck...and she's right not to.

Amber - (Thanks MichelleObama for telling me I forgot her idk how I skipped her)
There's a quote somewhere, possibly the funny115? that says Survivor All Stars was filled with 17 of the most loved and hated contestants to ever play...and Amber. Legend. I think she was amazing in Australia like that is my UTRP1 stan. Ultimately I don't love her AS much because of her guilt by association with Rob. She's less Amber than she is Rob's wife, and I prefer Amber.

Chris - Never saw Vanuatu but I have nothing against this hick. How he didn't sweep 6-1 against arguably the nastiest person on the show at the time (mom) I'll never understand

Tom - Kind of a really really easy season to win from his position. I think his neutrality was boosted a LOT by the absolute nightmare games his alliance played. He aint do nothing to me though so enjoy the million congrats on killing the shark

Danni - Her return is one of the most underwhelming 15 year in the making events BUT she washed Guatemala like I love her

Aras - Team Danielle tbh Aras' best quality was being attractive he was kinda the worst of the Casaya alliance from what I remember of my last watch. The chal where he calls Terry a sore loser though >>>

Yul - I DON'T THINK HE'S AS GOOD OF A PLAYER AS HE'S CREDITED TO BE. BROKEN IDOL. BLATANTLY RIGGED AGAINST JENNY (RARO AS A WHOLE). He didn't even win by any big margin like it was 5-4 hes such a wet blanket

Earl - He kinda stomped the game, but Cassandra (off screen) and Dreamz kind of dug their own graves so...hard one. I don't mind Earl, he's fine, but Rita voting for him at the Sylvia? tribal and stripping him of a perfect game makes me salivate so take that as you wish.

Todd - Any other season? DAD. But sitting next to Courtney and THE Amanda Kimmel and I have to root against you, you get it.

Parvati - That horrible awful ironic fave Amanda would've been a horrible bittersweet hollow victory so I'm glad Eliza flipped in the 4th? revote at the end

Bob - I would've personally liked to see more of mean Bob all season long. It's hard to judge him as a winner (and most of these people) unbiasedly when I was rooting for someone they were sitting next to (in this case Susie, duh). Bob himself though is like..very average. I'm indifferent.

JT - Absolute cakewalk and at least he has more of a stage presence than that 4/10 jew Stephen

Natalie White - "If it comes down to*splice*  me or him *splice* I know I could *splice* beat *splice* RUSSELL *splice* in the end". This is my princess. SHE should've been the s40 mastermind. I hope she's doing well in her dream job of off the grid Pharmaceutical sales.

Sandra (again) - Samoa part 2 but this time we knew it was happening. Still just as delicious.

Fabio - AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING compared to that closet case Sash and sheepish pseudo masc Chase

Rob - I'm not impressed he was able to manipulate a 19 year old starving Nat Ten. & 7 other starstruck tribemates around his finger on his 4th attempt.

Sophie - I wish she did anything but vote out women premerge but I guess the ends pose SOME justification to the means. Really echoed on Erinn's "Dragon Slayed" moment. I have a newISH appreciation for her

Kim - I want her to hit me with her car. I want her to look at me, almost look through me and tell me she's with me. I want her to callously and viciously bury me in one of her home remodels so that she can better trust her DISCERNMENT.

Denise - Demonise is kinda funny I fuck with her surviving EVERY tribal

Cochran - I'm not allowed to say my real comments or I'll get banned :(

Tyson - Revolutionized the CPN winner edit. He's def obnoxious but I cant tell how much of it is performative. I enjoy him and his beak.

Tony - The better of his two wins. King but I wish he was a one hit wonder

Natalie Anderson - PURRRRRRRRRRRR this was the first season I saw in real time that a woman won...and a GOOD one at that. Amazing amazing amazing

Mike - His tattoo is ugly as fuck. Should've been Carolyn but retroactively speaking I can say I respect winning immunities more than outright rigs

Jeremy - Modern day Ethan.

Michele - HAW HAW Aubry is chubby and poor nanananapoopoo

Adam - Mommy died. He's kind of cringe to watch because he makes such SWEEPING declarations with a very out of nowhere amount of confidence.

Sarah - MAN. Officer Lacina is such a mixed bag for me like I WANT to like her but she just never did anything not gamebotty or boring after her complete fall from grace in Cagayan

Ben - It was unironically rigged he shouldn't have even been in the f3 BUT the 11th hour dying on the sword so Michele didnt get 5th in WaW is funny

Wendell - My hatred of the season as a whole falls onto his shoulders. His fault? Not NECESSARILY. But I'll still blame him for it.

Nick - Snooze. Don't care. Being from the South isnt a personality

Chris - Complete shitshow but admittedly a very funny ending to that trainwreck of a season (mostly in a good way). How they saw the error in this twist and then brought it back is..a lot

Tommy - Stupid dumb ginger with ACTUALLY no personality

Tony - I was spoiled on this like 7 months before the premiere even hit so I was kinda BORED but he delivered I guess it was just kind of unfulfilling like I've SEEN it before + he had an incomparable advantage being with Sarah for 3/4 of the

this is a mile long idc read it if you want. Agree/disagree below I'll engage in the comments


Michele - HAW HAW Aubry is chubby and poor nanananapoopoo
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u forgot amber
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wish i cared
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wish i cared
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