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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

7 years ago today

Feb 12, 2021 by mastropola
My final 2 Carsonl got flipped on and subsequently elimmed in Stars. Malding because I was completely left in the dark on that plan, I signed my own death warrant and sheeped DanielKennedy111 in retaliating against Jetsrock12 for masterminding it.

Jets will have gone home by tomorrows 6am DC and I will be in the final 8 with 7 people who see me as both a non entity and expendable.


were they wrong
Sent by Christian_,Feb 12, 2021
slayed jets
Sent by mathboy9,Feb 12, 2021
You can't have me
Sent by JetsRock12,Feb 12, 2021
i wonder who wins this game :eyerolls:
Sent by iSandeh,Feb 12, 2021

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