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PYN (your choice)

1stDec 2, 2020 by mastropola
opinion, avi rate, profile rate, I don't care WHAT you want from me but ask me some shit

Doing this till I get BORED. That will be heavily dependent on the type of requests yall give.

Zachbbs - We're good judies AFAIK! We don't talk as often as we once did-I tried snapping you like a week ago? But couldn't find you on the like send to list. Either way I think you're fab and overall a lot less CHAOTIC than you were many moons ago. Some of your blogs are structured in such a cunty way that I want to both laugh and curbstomp you.

Letal - The blue is VERY striking. I love a strong, beefy merman who knows how to get into the Christmas spirit. The default glasses feel a little out of place just to make a matching accessory but as far as pixelated characters go? He could still put his stuffers in my stocking if he bought me dinner first.

Maxi1234 - We've been FRIENDS? ACQUAINTANCES? for 5+ years and literally talk once every 7 1/2 months if that. We worked together in frooks like LAST week so I know I can count on you but ion really know anything about you. That said I don't think anything I learn about you is gonna be SHOCKING like we get it youre a bottom from the French part of Canada now how about a personality?

3pi14159 - THOUGHT WE WERE HOMEGIRLS but IIRC you decided to light your torch and join the MOB against me a few days ago. We've had some very lighthearted binb interactions so you get a + from me.

Gabrieltrezza - Your entire SHTICK is like 65% of the reason I hate gay people. You're easy to make fun of and thankfully don't take anything I say too seriously unless its a song taste critique. Become more obsessed with me though it'll do wonders for your skin

Lemonface - HAG. I think you're hip and trendy even if you are pushing 30 and all of your muscles have atrophied. 10/10 sense of humor and a breath of fresh air to see you rely on the QUALITY OF YOUR CRAFT instead of "real girl" being your defining trait.

Kinggeek - Ashanti didn't need friends, she needed fans. *Pulls out camcorder and records Z. Rose piledrive the rigor out of your mortis*

Lexeyjane - GIRL I DON'T KNOW YOU but I think I hated you irrationally like 15? 18? months ago. You seem UTR toneless so like go off queen

Lovelykiss - Your piss poor attempts at being "mean" to me because you have mwentwal iwllnewss and are scared of being close to anyone are just as understandable as they are STALE. Love me or hate me already the hot & cold aint working for you. *Kisses*

Bomberv - Dad. Haven't spoken to you in years but you were loyal to Ween and by extension me.

iSandeh - You'll never be diabetic but I respect the oddity of making THAT your niche gig on here. Your avi is probably busted idk I'm not looking at it you already gave me your .1T$

MelindaMrsKK - Well, we both use the same website =] I honestly do not think you and I have ever had a conversation with each other. I dont have anything BAD to say though?? Your username is kinda wack but in a funny way.

MichelleObama - Oh hey THAT girl! I love me some MeI, you're even sweeter than the sun chips make your blood sugar *blush*. I think we have a similar taste in humor and should like....totally make out to Daughtry. Jk...unless O.O

Olympia - I LOVE me some Pia. I used to wind up my disposable camera when you came around like a LOCAL CELEB but now that I know you're a washed out maniac with no work ethic and shitty music taste, I've only grown to appreciate you more on a PERSONAL level

BrittBritt - I miss despising you, that was a 10/10 time. Loved having you in my music taste and enjoy any and all of the random sporadic mails I get from you

DaveLooney - My first impression was that you were an insecure, sheepish yesman always at the beck and call of whomever is willing to give you the affection and or attention you so TRANSPARENTLY crave.
My current impression is that my gut was right.

Survivor_fanpage123 - I LOVE it. The pink hair really juxtaposes the princess of darkness. The horns and the halo create such a gorgeous contradiction. The lips could be a shade different but I would easily slam save on this look myself


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