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PYN and I'll tell you

Oct 29, 2019 by mastropola
if you would ever make it in the S Club (Widows, Ween SheepTM) chat.

doing them until i get bored gl

Delete2544 - Probably not. You'd be under a large amount of scrutiny and your activity would dictate how long you stayed. Commenting once every few hours but not doing anything with us would likely be your ticket out the door.

Mybash_ - This would be funny to witness as an impartial third party but this is a firm no. I think you'd last for like a week maybe but your affiliation and connections going into the chat already being so polarizing that the second something got blown out of proportion, your arc would be..bashed.


Sent by Delete2544,Oct 29, 2019
im bored so sure
Sent by Mybash_,Oct 29, 2019
oh i know the answer is yes
Sent by HighNoon,Oct 29, 2019

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