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Aug 12, 2019 by mastropola
Splozojames50's hosted roblox Free Agents for those who didn't play but want a good read.

So to kick things off, my computer is perpetually stuck on "plugged in, not charging" , and I have THIS in my bottom right corner that I can't figure out/don't care enough to get rid of . On top of that, I haven't had control over my roblox controls in about a week? It happens every so often but my arrow keys/camera view just don't wanna communicate with each other and I'm constantly left walking into a corner/lagged with my jumps/etc.

Before the game even went underway, I walked off the edge inadvertently like 3-4 times so getting through round one was going to be a win within itself.


A pretty dry week for your girl Alo, I was on the Black team, and our challenge was to roll green balls into our own team's goal to score a point, and red ones into either of the other teams' goal so that they would lose a point. Off the bat, I knew I was gonna have an ice cube's chance in hell with this one. Between 15 people jumping, balls spawning, and then being pushed all around the map, I'm very very very lucky the only thing my computer did was aimlessly walk in an arbitrary direction 13 seconds after I wanted to go that way.

Overall, I was completely ineffective and my team lost the challenge (I think we got 3rd of 3). Either way, I wasn't too concerned, there were a lot of cards to choose from and I didn't think I'd get the kill card round one. I was right. I not so narrowly escaped elimination and stood on the safe area minding my own business.


Our task was to fill up buckets of water and then jump on each others heads to get to the top of a structure to fill up our barrels. I assume it was a barrel, I never actually made it to the top. My team was basically down a number because anytime I would try to jump, my camera would turn 180 degrees and I would walk uncontrollably into the opposite direction, completely away from the comp. Giving myself the M here because I definitely could've looked like I was trying to throw, but I was actually just bad.

Despite all of that, my team managed to WIN the challenge and I was spared yet again.


Fresh off of a victory, I knew I was about to lose this individual challenge horribly. Essentially, we had to go out and find a specific covered item. I didn't realize I didn't know what the item was until I was halfway into the field and kept turning over traffic cones when I thought I was looking for a purple box. Needless to say, I never did find a watermelon and was respawned first round.

By the time the kill card ceremony came around, BraveAlexSilver was already voted in because he's proven time and time again he's not a fun person to be around. My camera was on a warpath and spun around my character a hot 11 times. I finally managed to jump somewhere within proximity to a card and just said fuck it I'll stay here and hope for the best? Camera still spinning, I could slowly see everyone else's card show up with a Charla and Mirna picture with every rotation until mine was the only one left unturned.

I knew it was over immediately.

At this point, all I've done in the game is inoffensively exist, not say a breath to anybody because of how lagged my chat was, and see more of the skybox go around my screen than any of the actual challenges collectively. I guess somewhere within doing any of that, I wronged BraveAlexSilver? He said he'd do what "needed to be done, and that's beating Alo", as if I haven't sat there with my thumb up my ass since we started..?

The duel is set, it's literally clicking boxes, and my view of what I need to walk towards is behind me while the rules are being explained, so I begin to overcompensate and send my camera into a frenzy of circling me. That said, I managed to get to where I needed to be and keep up in the duel. I lost by a whole 6 clicks at the end :( so my valiant efforts soared to low heights. I'm sure it was a pretty big moment for Mr. AlexSilver, so bully for him. I hope the sensation is matched when his balls finally drop.

Overall, the game was as fun as it could be given I really couldn't experience what I was actually there for on my end.

The Cast:
@BraveAlexSilver - Don't know his tg/if he has one, yall can tag him if you want
@Jeanthepook ?? is this Queenisha ??? tag the real person if yall want


Sent by BritishRomeo17,Aug 12, 2019
I'm sure it was a pretty big moment for Mr. AlexSilver, so bully for him. I hope the sensation is matched when his balls finally drop.
Sent by Absol,Aug 12, 2019
You were INV1 didn't even know u were playing. Whats ur username?
Sent by Timster,Aug 12, 2019
LMFAOOOOOO UR ALO. LMAO AT UR CAMERA WTF? And didn't you say your had to click five times per circle?
Sent by Timster,Aug 12, 2019
stupid ass bitch I got 2nd and ur ass got taken out by me.
Sent by QueenMichelle,Aug 12, 2019
Hugs u were robbed!
Oh and yes I thought we were looking for a purple box too
Sent by Christian_,Aug 12, 2019
jeanthepook is aquamarine
Sent by TotsTrashy,Aug 12, 2019
QueenMichelle you're on crack with this very one sided feud you have with me, the only thing I know about you is your roblox name o.O

Give it up deelishis
Sent by mastropola,Aug 13, 2019
mastropola I don't even have a a feud with you lmfao, the stuff you were so mad about was clearly me joking ingame and you decided to call me out like 4 times in one blog, just say ur mad and move on
Sent by QueenMichelle,Aug 13, 2019

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