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4thDec 4, 2017 by marrrss
20ts to join and 10ts to merge?
that's stupid af


exactly why i never play
Sent by walker,Dec 4, 2017
but then you get to play for free at merge, so if you merge again, you make t$ back, plus play free again
Sent by TaraG,Dec 4, 2017
survivor isnt for money its for karma
Sent by aes222aes,Dec 4, 2017
stars payouts is the real problem! (not for you though :P)
Sent by TaraG,Dec 4, 2017
i think that the main goal is to get karma
Sent by FelipeS,Dec 4, 2017
ye but I still have to merge 3 times to profit any ts tarag
it's fine if you just wanna play games but if you're looking to make money you're SOL
Sent by marrrss,Dec 4, 2017
tarag LOL :$ cant compain there!
Sent by marrrss,Dec 4, 2017
I know right I will not play Survivor.
Sent by turnerpike20,Dec 4, 2017
1st world problems
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Dec 4, 2017
That's nothing compared to the issue with Stars payouts.
Sent by Yoshitomi,Dec 5, 2017
Plus if the reward was bigger, imagine the extortionate amount of karma/T$ people with 100 merges would get.
It's only bad in the short term, but essential for the long term, marrrss.
Sent by Yoshitomi,Dec 5, 2017
20t would be a decent shout, not hard to merge twice and imo if you merge 100 times you deserve 2000t for it lmao
Sent by BengalBoy,Dec 5, 2017

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