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Survivor: 27/28 Cast List

Apr 29, 2013 by manalord
Not sure for sure but the following are people I know where conctaed for the 27/28 filming cycle:

1- Aras ( Working out and Shaved for the first time in yeas, Likely to return)
2- Rupert( Just a really big name floating around, can't confirm)
3- Cirie( Another big name, but no postives)
4- Steph V. ( One of the few supposed locks for 27, would be interesting to see again so i hope so)
5- Tina ( May be replace due to health/Other Caramaon Spoiler reasons , but i hear she is a still on  for 27 as of now)
6- Tyson ( Highly rumored, no conformation)
7- Kat( 99% chance, Talking to past survivors about past stratgeies, has openly tweeted about watching past seasons and working out hardcore){Rumor is she might come in with Hayden Moss}
8- Nat B. ( one of the usual cut people, hoepfully shes a finalist this time, Sorcues are not sure if she made final cut)
9- Danni B. ( rumored for either, but I think she said she wants to come back for All Winners, S28 might be that or HoF season, so maybe shes floating around for that)
10- Eddie ( Confirmed by multiple sources to be an alternate for 27 with mother)
11-RC (Confrimed 27 Alternate, the girls are all questionable so she might be on)
12- Rob C. & Nicole ( Would love, know for a fact he was interviewed, however i know hes not gonna upload much over the summer so maybe)
13- Terry ( Wants to come back to rematch Aras apprently, but there are a lot of Panama people rumored for this season, no evidence to suggest hes coming back)
14- Gervese ( Highly speculated, and is for sure made final interviews, likely to be on the season)
15-Greg Buis- ( rumored to be on, was interviwed, however most likely did not make cut)
16- Colton ( Was the alternate for Caramoan, was interviwed, no conformation)
17- Shane ( Always on the list to come back, always cut, no hope in him actually playing)
18- Erinn ( Going away soon, was interviewd, so possbile)
19- Taj ( Unlikley but is rumored)
20- Kenny ( Interviwed, but hes in a Melee turny during the filming dates for 27, might be on 28 however)
21- Kathy ( Was interviwed,, no conformation)
22- Brenda ( Caramoan Spoilers, Apprenlty the production team didnt relize everyone loved brenda so much)
23- Holly( Interviwed no confrimation)
24- Jane( Just a rumor, highly unlikely)
25- Todd ( Maybe 28 if its winner/HOF season)

Also 2 more people from Gabon
1 Person from Africa
and 2 from Soma

where casted but i cant find a name. Kat, Steph, and Gervese are the 3 names i have heard are almost perfectly locked and will almsot for sure be on take this what you will guys. REMBER NONE OF THIS IS CONCRETE its just from the spoilers boards, twitter, recent interivews, casting links ect.




I want Gervase, just cuz I want a Borneo returnee.
Sent by Renegade628,Apr 29, 2013
renegade628 from what im hearing he is one of the three most likely
Sent by manalord,Apr 29, 2013
Sent by Lonelystar1,Apr 29, 2013
Sent by HipposUnite,Apr 29, 2013
lonelystar1 yes im lame, but I did do reserch
hipposunite shes not confirmed unfortunately :/ but i know she went far in casting process so hopefully :P
Sent by manalord,Apr 29, 2013
If i find out anyone is not playing ill remove them so check back... Obv some people wont play at same time ex. Todd/Aras/Colton as they all fill the same slot( aprntly Aras was casted as the 'gay male' slot for Panama and told them he wasnt gay, but they went for it anyway, cause they knew everyone would think he was)
Sent by manalord,Apr 29, 2013
literally didn't read this

i have heard so many names that i don't care

once filming starts and there's an actual list then i'll listen but right now you're presenting 25 names when all we know is that season twenty-seven has 10 returnees

right now there's so much misinformation that im not bothering with any of it, especially since i wont watch anyway
Sent by zimdelinvasor,Apr 29, 2013
zimdelinvasor mmkay... But i said for s27/28 which in theory could have a grand total of 30 returnees.
Sent by manalord,Apr 29, 2013
Kathy as in Kathy from Marquesas???? I will be the happiest person in the world if she comes back :)
Sent by cats3,Apr 29, 2013
cats3 yes but shes an  a new light one.... so its possible but who nows
Sent by manalord,Apr 29, 2013
Sent by JoshJosh123,Apr 29, 2013
Soo does this mean that season 28 is potentially the last one? I think they would wait til 30 to do a final big season with winners and stuff. They better have AT LEAST one more normal season until then.. And lnfaoo did Brenda really get interviewed again? That was literally the only thing on the list that made me happy
Sent by GA097,Apr 30, 2013
Sent by KidA,Apr 30, 2013
I hope that season 28 is not the last season

rob c
Greg Buis
r all the ppl I would love 2 see back
I cant stand colton
and shane so I hope they don't come back
Sent by justdontevictme,Apr 30, 2013
Please, not Rupert! Rupert is my most hated contestant ever. I hate his double standards, I hate his hypocrisy, I hate the way he says he loves the game and then whines when people play it well, I hate all his blabbering about how anyone who lies is evil, but most of all, I really hate his stupid beard, and his stupid tie-dye shirt! And Kat shouldn't return, she wasn't a good player at all.
Sent by masterchef,Apr 30, 2013
manalord I haven't heard anything concrete that hints at 28 having any returning players

though i also havent looked because lol, modern survivor
Sent by zimdelinvasor,Apr 30, 2013
manalord I think Terry is pretty much a lock too. Ive heard his name pretty much everywhere. Ive also heard rumors Boston Rob may be returning im assuming for 28. I really think all the winners are going in 28 tbh
Sent by yankeeman311,Apr 30, 2013
Also i havent heard the last 10 names at all or Natalie B (though I'd love to have her back). I think I heard Amanda's name floating around with Cirie and Rupert too. From what I hear these are the locks to return in the next 2 seasons:

Steph V

Sent by yankeeman311,Apr 30, 2013
yankeeman311 the last 10 are newer names that are floating around mostly on sucks... I dont have much to back up any but Greg's
Sent by manalord,Apr 30, 2013
zimdelinvasor Will you watch if Tina wins?
Sent by Qwerty3000,Apr 30, 2013
From what i gather sequster/pre-show stuff is gonna start within a week of the caramoan finale. Erinn's name is really being thorwn around today on both sucks and blows... possbile :?
Sent by manalord,Apr 30, 2013
18- Erinn ( Going away soon, was interviewd, so possbile)
Sent by Imbue,Apr 30, 2013
manalord source?
Sent by DDJOT98,May 5, 2013
is this for real
only 28 seassons
Sent by MrAhle,May 13, 2013
coltons a little bitch he gets to g on it twice and he quits both times :(
Sent by swaglogan1,Oct 3, 2013

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