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Most Meaningful Songs To Me | DAY 4

Apr 7, 2021 by manafa
In a previous blog i chose some of the songs that are most important to me atm, and i decided to introduce for 20 days a song per day and write a bit about it. Yesss, im going to get personal and emotional so if u are not ready for watching me cry over a song just ignore this lmao some songs are happy too, not all of them are depressive asf.

Now play the song and get ready to know why this song is so important to me :P

DAY 4 | Rex Orange County - Stressed Out

Im not gonna lie, this song describes what i feel most of the times when im down and most of times the reason im depressed is just so dumb. I still have this deep feeling in me a lot tho.

I mean, what is life without friends? Yeah, i cant think in a life without friends and i rlly need them bc i cant rely on myself lmao Rn i realize im rlly lucky bc of the friends i have, however sometimes i need them and they arent present i just think im expendable or whatever.

This happens when u need to say something or "when you're at your worst, they're not there"... Im sure this happens to everyone, but the point in here is that we still need them and we not get the courage to say to our friends we are not well or whatever. I mean friends are suppose to ask if we are fine, right? Idk....I dont like to put this weight on their back... Whatever...

"They wanna see me stressed out everyday, I know it" is what i end up thinking. And it is true, not with ur friends but with that random people u see everyday and smile at u. Not all tho, im being unfair. But at end its all the same, just another day and keep focus on ur goals, objectives and normal routine.

Everything ends up well in the end and thats the feeling i have in the end of the song. If u notice, know u can understand why this song is so short. All this feeling of getting "stressed out" is so sudden as u listening to this song in the middle of ur playlist. But the 105 seconds u are listenning to this song u will feel every single word.

Final note: Just listen to the piano, the guitar and THOSE vocals. This song is so underrated.

Ask to be tagged :P


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I agree! Are you alright? Never heard this song before
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Apr 7, 2021
Kiara_xoxo Im great :P
Sent by manafa,Apr 7, 2021

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