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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


9thApr 7, 2021 by manafa
And i rate (0-10) ur frookies gameplay. Im really bored so im trying thisssss

Btw note that im not saying if u are a good or bad player, bc im the worst frookies player acording to PFL xd but i will just say if i like it or not :P

If we have never played together i wont rate it obviously but i will say how i think u would play frookies

U are honestly one of the persons i admire the most in frookies. I see u as a strong player, but what makes the difference is ur profile. U are a low-key sneaky player but u dont have to betray anyone. Everytime i see u in a frookies i know this is going to be a good game bc u think for ur own and thats prob why i like to see u in games that much. This combined with how loyal u show u are makes u one of my fav players, even tho we dont work together that much. I feel we already have a silent pact to not target each other lmao not to say that u are a chill dude and dont involve yourself in random dramas.
Rate: 9

I still remember the first game we played together and where i broke ur record. I just wanna say sry again lmao u ended up nommed in that game bc i thought u were a strong player and u are for sure, im not even going to watch ur record, i know u made a lot of finals. However we havent been playing that much together, but im sure about one thing about u. U are a loyal player and i dont expect to see u betraying anyone in the middle of the game that was with u since the beginning. I kinda wanna play with u more times!
Rate: 8

Mannnn, we havent played together for so long. I miss playing with u and if it was half a year a go u would be my allie number one every single time. However im not going to lie, ur gameplay always made me a bit doubtful for the reasons u know. I really hope and there is no way it is still the same. Having this in mind, i dont think ur gameplay is that bad. Actually it is really strong, i dont know many people with better social game than u. However i know too that u have no problems to lie to people if u think they are expandable... Anyways i just wish we can trust each other the way we did before.
Rate: 4

Man, im going to be straight with u. I have u in really good consideration and u are, for sure, a loyal mate HOWEVER i still think u are a bit too quiet in game. Myb that helps u getting far (more than me) in games but i still would love to see u doing big moves (not dirty ones lmao). Appart from that i really think u are getting better and better in frookies and without the need of changing ur gameplay in a radical way. One day ur time is going to come!
Rate: 7

I guess the only time we played a game together it was a fastings and it was when i come back. For what i remember from that game, i knew u were working with someone else but i immediatly liked u. I just think u are that kind of people that choose 2/3 people in first day and stay loyal to them until last day, and thats something i identify with :)
Rate: I dont knowwww, we need to play more times together but ily <3 myb a 7?

We havent also played that much together and not even talked but u are one of those people i see on here and i immediatly think that has a lot of friends and that can be really useful lmao For that reason when i see u in games i get a bit affraid tbh. However i still think u dont use that much in ur favor... Im divided about u xd Somehow i identify myself with u and i think u still have a lot of potential to show in frookies.
Rate: Im going for a 6. I believe in ur capacities and i think u can do better lmao

When i think of strong frookies players i think of u. U have an amazing social game, u like to make moves and u already shown u are loyal to the ones working with u. People know what to expect from u and i love the way u are not affraid to work with different people in different games and that is smth that everyone could learn with u. If someone is working with u, that person imediatly knows that is on good hands and just dont go far if it is dumb (me!). To sum up, u or go far bc u are an amazing player or u get prejury bc u are target early in game. Ahhh also, u dont know what jury is :P
Rate: 9

Well... This a difficult one bc i do think u are a great player but im not also the biggest fan of ur gameplay... Tbh we havent been playing together that much but i have the feeling u have a strict criteria about the people u work with. I mean, u most of the time u want strong people next to u and thats a smart move for sure. I have the feeling that ur social game is good but it could be better if u were more embracing with amount of people u work with, and not dispatch the weaker one lmao I still think u make moves and i have to say that admire how u can have such a great record when u are a tempting target. The rate im giving u is merely based on the games we played together and not represents ur quality as a player as i said in the introduction.
Rate: 3

FUCK. THIS DUDE IS THE DEFINITION OF LOYALTY. Or it was until last week when i got evicted bc of him. No worries i still admire u a lot. I mean, i cant even hate u. U are prob the most loyal person i played with since im in tengaged. About ur gameplay i love the way u stay calm in any circunstance. I love ur social game just bc i feel that anyone knows how strong it is. U just need to start getting hoh and making moves!
Rate: 8

I feel very empathic with u and ur game bc we go through the same kinda of difficulties during games that we already talked about. For the others is completely more easier to get in touch, working with and trust bc they have known each others for years. We need to prove the double and work harder to get those same good results they get. In every game u are in u try rlly harder and u deserved some better places already. U actually have doing rlly well in ur last games, mainly bc u understand what is going on and u are always very alert to the game.
Rate: 8

So i mainly know u bc of some castings we were in and u seem pretty chill. About frookies, i know that u dont play that much but i feel that u would work with the people i normally target and get a f4 with low effort lmao Myb its not even true but is just the vibe  i get from u ahahaha
Rate: 5, it is just a 5 cause i have no reasons to give u more.

Kindredddd, u dont play frookies but i have the feeling that if u would play u would win it easily. I mean, for sure ur social game would be awesome and for sure u would evict people like me xd Myb not... I can see u targeting some big names too and i actually thinks this fits u better. I could use a charismatic allie like u :P
Rate: I cant rate u lmao

First time i played with u i thought u were fake bc we were suposely working together and u came after. Now i can see that was an one time thing and i apreciate the way u play specialy ur noms as hoh. Obviously u protect ur allies but u are not affraid of going after big names. U are with no doubts a rlly good player. Im just not giving u a 9 bc i still feel idk everything about u and ur playing style. Btw if it was week ago i would rate u with a 2, but u have been impressing me xd
Rate: 8

U are different. I dont think necessarily u have a bad gameplay, we have just been in opposite sides even tho i tried to work with u more than once. The fact that u avoided protecting me when i was solo and u could have been my priority may have played against u sometimes and im affraid u could do that with other people. To sum up, i think that or things work really well for u or they go really bad. Idk, thats just me expectulating but i think that myb the only thing u could improve is social game. For what i have seen u are a comp beast and that is a major point in favor for u. Overall i think u are a really good player, but i still think smth can improve.
Rate: 7

Man, u are hard cause u hardly play fast games. For real, u are the only one i have no idea how u would play a frookies. Idk myb if u join a frookies someday everyone wiill want to work with u bc they know u, or the opposite will happen too. I just think that if u join frookies u should use ur social game and make it worth. Anyone would know how u will play and u can work with too, im just imagining u being a strategic king the day u join frookies.
Rate: Idk lmao

Fuck. I wish i could be as u are. U literally do nothing all time and get far game after game. U make things look easy! Just messing tho, im sure u have a rlly strong social game but everything u do is so sneakyyyy. I want u to do moves!! I have no doubts u are an amazing player, and that annoys me bc i suck lol I just cant give u a high rate. YESSSS, im jealous of u!
Rate: 2

I dont think u play frookies too xd But honestly if u would play i would trust u. U give me that kind of vibe and u would prob form ur group of 3 people where u would rely on. Actually i think u could be a solid frookies player, i think u are a great observer and u could be a strong strategic player and thats what we need! I think u would be a challenge to everyone :)
Rate: Join frookies and i myb rate u xd  we need u!

The whole point of ur gameplay is that i hate u lmao I mean, first game we played together u nom me without a valid reason, bc for me "we havent talked" or "idk u" is not a valid reason xd Im just kidding tho, and we kinda played together already. I do think u are a good player and better than me but i just cant like ur gameplay. Btw i like u xd I also think u understand most of the moves that are going on during the game and u work well with it!
Rate: 5

I have seen u in some games already but we never interacted that much idk why xd i do think that u are a loyal player and not fake at all and that myb explains why u dont force a connection that much, bc u dont wanna betray anyone. If it is like that i honestly like ur gameplay and thats the vibe i got from u. I rarely see u spamming and that can just mean one thing, u have a good social game. I genuily like ur gameplay and i look forward to play with u :)
Rate: 8

Mannnn, i remember the most u from fastings when we used to play together. I dont think we have played a frookies already, but impression i got from u is a bit what i already told to rohan and lunar. I think the new school needs to make a big effort in order to get good results. From what i remember from u, u look a  rlly loyal player and i have the feeling that the persons use u for their own success in game. Be more active in game and im sure u will do better!
Rate: 6

U are a good player girl but i do think u are always on the easy path and dont really care about the alliances u make. I think u are loyal to the only person u choose in first day in game and go with it until the end, everyone else working with u is just one more person that u use. Im sure u are that kind of player that says to everyone that u are saving them and that sucks. U dont target anyone and anyone targets u and u are fine with that. I dont like ur gameplay and  u are one of the persons that annoys me the most in frookies lmao sry, i do think u are a chill person <3
Rate: 1

Mannnn, king. I think u and i have a similiar gameplay but u are actually better than me ahahaha  U are not just funny, everyone in here also likes u and i feel like u use that on ur favor well. Im sure u are a loyal person in game and that u make very clear ur intentions and thats something i admire. I wish i could see u in games more times and i feel like we can be a great duo working together :)
Rate: 7

Ily girl. U are amazing <3 Even tho u dont play frookies i cant see u being a jerk at all in games, and i want to think that u would be a strategic queen if u actually played frookies. 
Rate: 10

I think u are a underrated frookies player just bc u i dont see u playing that often. I think u have a solid social game and that u are a smart player and great gameplayer and u are not affraid of making moves. I think u know that frookies is just a game after all and u dont see any problem of working with different players in different games. Overall, i think u are a strong player with a gameplay i apreciate.
Rate: 8

Hey! This one is ez. I dont see a lie in u. U have a solid social game. U seem loyal and persons shouldnt be affraid of working with u. I also think that u do rlly well on ur own. To sum up i think u are an amazing combination of individual and team player and im just not giving u a higher rate cause we played just a few times together and i still wanna see more from u.
Rate: 7

Dudeee, u need to join frookies immediatly cause i think u would run every single game easily. I also can see u being an easy target to everyone tbh. Idk... i think u have all the qualities to be a strong player both on the social game and strategic game too. Actually i wanna believe that ur social game would allow u to be a strategic player above everything else. I rlly wish that if u start joining games u dont dissapoint me ahahaha i think u would be a entertaining person to have in games that would bring a lot of competition to the game.
Rate: Im just not rating u cause u have not been playing but i see on u the potential to be one of the best players.

I dont have many things to form my opinion about u. The only game we played together i think u won and i got 13th bc u nommed me lmao so even if u are a good player and i have no reasons to like ur gameplay ahahahah i mean, i got the reasons why u nommed me, its the easiest path but it is what it is lmao i wish we can play some games together so i can form a better opinion about u.
Rate: 3

Tbh i dont think anyone hates u in here. U just seem pretty chill and everyone knows u do ur game and are u not affraid of showing it. U dont have to follow persons, u dont need other persons to protect u and u usually manage the game well. I just think u need a bit more consistency and u will become a strong player. Im just glad i met u bc u arent fake at all and i love it on u.
Rate: 8

Hey mannn, i remember u from fastings! I used to trust u a lot and i have the impression that u try to go unnoticed on purpose in game. Appart from this i dont really remember a lot so this is the best rate i can give u.
Rate: 6

Honestly i have never see u in fast games before but i think u can be a good player. The players that intrigue me the most are the ones that i dont know but then i always get dissapointed bc most of them have a boring gameplay. However i think that u enjoy to make big moves and somehow i feel that u do betray a lot the people u work with lmao
Rate: I have no ideaaaa, sry

Loyal queen. If it was just this that was already enough but u a great player too. U avoid really well getting on the block and i feel like u just need a bit more luck to start getting to finals. Btw, u were the first person that worked with me since i came back to frookies and just bc of that u are awesome and shows u can target whoever u want. Get them all!
Rate: 8

Im sad that you abdicated from PFL. Things got really hard and serious rn and i was curious to see how u would do bc u are great player and u normally have most of the persons in game working with u lol Idk if things would be like this rn, but u still are one of the best players. Myb one u would want to work with me lol U are comp beast, good social game, u are no dumb and u know what u need to do to win the game. The only aspect i want to see u getting better is to work with people u are not used to play with, and thats explains why we have never worked together.
Rate: 9

Well, i think we have just played together once and i dont even remember if we talked or worked to together, but i remember i was affraid of u xd I feel like u have a rlly good social game and thats ur strong point. I feel like we need to play together some more times so i rlly know how u play. I wanna believe that u are a loyal player but idk if its just for a restrict group of people or if u can trust in new people. Fuck lmao i just checked that game. I think i tried to work with u but i ended up evicted and u were  the one that nominated me. I mean... u evicted someone that was loyal to u ahahaahah Cmon thats not smart at all.
Rate: 2


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