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Most Meaningful Songs To Me | DAY 3

Apr 6, 2021 by manafa
In a previous blog i chose some of the songs that are most important to me atm, and i decided to introduce for 20 days a song per day and write a bit about it. Yesss, im going to get personal and emotional so if u are not ready for watching me cry over a song just ignore this lmao some songs are happy too, not all of them are depressive asf.

Now play the song and get ready to know why this song is so important to me :P

DAY 3 | The Lumineers - Ho Hey

Well, this song has completly different feeling than the other 2 i already brought. "The Nights" is so nostalgic song and gives me hope and with "La Musica Non C'猫" i just wanna cry over it. Both of them, in different ways, change my mood somehow.

With "Ho Hey" i just wanna hear it continuosly forever. This is the kind of song that makes me feel in peace and that makes me believe im out of trouble or stressful problems for the rest of my life. This is a song i love to hear when im getting stressing about uni exams or tests bc makes me remember that are things that are above everything else, makes me apreciate the best things in life.

I dont have any special story about this song btw. This is just an amazing vibe, and listenning to the lyrics: "Love, we need it now/ ... / Cause, we are bleeding out" i just imagine myself in some years (a lot of years actually) next to the fireplace, next to my children or even grandchildren (lmao) telling stories, playing cards, whatever... completly unconcerned with the problems around, just happy and with my loved ones.

Its funny how this song makes me wonder so much about the future and can be this nostalgic. I have no doubts nostalgia is one the best feelings, if not the best someone can feel, and u dont hear nowadays songs like this, with this kind of sentiment, being released and idk if u will ever hear smth that sounds even similiar to those songs we already had like a decade ago. 

Idk... i listen to this song and i feel like everything is going to work out and i feel i will be accomplished one day. Yessss, myb i dream a lot and i have been just thinking out loud but this shows why this song is special.

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Sent by Tester,Apr 6, 2021
This is one of my favorites 馃拫
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Apr 7, 2021

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