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  1. two words: RESPECT. WOMEN.
  2. Tengaged pussy of the day!
  3. Wtf I have mod powers now?
  4. Horny and craving
  5. Hi my name is Malachite
  6. Wait do u guys realize
  7. I love you so much
  8. How much should I post for?
  9. oh snap I got 4 more stock
  10. ATTENTION!!!
  11. Just found a $5000 check
  12. I'm glad randomize is back
  13. Hey guys remember to exercise!
  14. If we stay 6 inches apart
  16. Don't forget to do your
  17. 12:34 make a wish :)
  18. What do u guys
  19. I can tell it's Spring
  20. Thinkin' bout becoming a Twitch streamer
  21. Just ran 5 kms!
  22. Who remembers
  23. VOte to evict!
  24. Hey guys I played a frooks tonight!
  25. Psycho
  26. Mala's 1 round reverse spoons!
  27. fRoOkS!?
  28. Fine, hoard all the toilet paper
  29. who want a gift from me shop
  30. Holy fuck馃崋馃崋I鈥檓 freaking馃崋馃崋 out
  31. Can鈥檛 spell quarantine
  32. Lean in closer, I have a ~secret~ 4u
  33. That boy/girl you texting
  34. Pic of me in quarantine
  35. Type O master race
  36. Is 7 inches a good size
  37. What if we made an frooks alliance
  38. While everyone was hoarding TP
  39. Can't touch your face
  40. This sexy apple walks up to u

Who remembers

Mar 22, 2020 by malachite05
We used to go to them remember?


I'm still working, tyvm. I'll mail you a latte
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Mar 22, 2020
Shut up, malachite imposter!
Sent by mbarnish1,Mar 22, 2020
blessed are thee cheritaisdelicious

mbarnish1 I'm straight btw
Sent by malachite05,Mar 22, 2020

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