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  1. Ran a 6:25 mile yesterday
  2. Yeah
  3. Billie Eilish is such a fucking idiot
  4. Hi I am Straight
  5. It’s not whether we win or lose that frooks
  6. One time a girl here
  7. Is any1 here gay?
  8. How fast can you run a mile
  9. It sucks, doesn’t it
  10. if ima cheat
  11. Every 60 seconds in Africa
  12. One day I should show you guys
  13. Working up the courage
  14. For every 20 points
  15. Don't drop the soap
  16. I am a Millennial
  17. I always forget
  18. *Twerks onto the blogs page*
  19. Don't send me your nudes
  20. I'm not like those other girls
  21. Plus if you a virgin in 2020
  22. Hey fellas.
  23. Hi I would just like to remind you
  24. Headed to the grocery store
  25. With each blog I post
  26. Single and ready to mingle
  27. I'm straight btw
  28. They are filming a TV show down the street
  29. Happy Friday the 13th!
  30. Popular onion
  31. STep right up STep right up!
  32. Drinkin' water from me water bottle
  33. Nobody e'er skype me
  35. Hello I am drinking coffee
  36. Watched the new Star Wars this weekend
  37. I’m straight btw
  38. I’m going to shave my face!
  39. Sweet dreams my precious angels
  40. Everytime I let people Uber with me

Is any1 here gay?

Aug 15, 2019 by malachite05


Sent by immaxyman,Aug 15, 2019
I’m straight
Sent by crimsonteer,Aug 15, 2019

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