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  1. My bf is mad that I spilled water
  2. You think this girl will think it weird
  3. How bout that Denver D
  4. Once this girl came over
  5. Um hey you guys
  6. For Halloween this year
  7. If sucking dick isn't gay
  8. GO U NU!
  9. Choke me daddy
  10. Oh damn did I miss National Coming Out Day?
  11. A tender message for all of Tengaged
  12. Is this guy straight?
  13. Hey fellas!
  14. Hey fellas...
  15. is this guy straight btw?
  16. Let's settle this debate once and for awhile
  17. UwU what's this???
  18. hi
  19. If you can read this blog
  20. I am a published author
  21. I make the love to you
  22. I'm joining Stars soon
  23. Got a LinkedIn request just now
  24. We live in a society
  25. 7th commenter gets me nudes
  26. spider wife: comes out in a robe
  27. Is any1 here gay?
  28. Had my first gay experience last night
  29. I haven't watched BB since ep. 2
  30. Excuse me I've worked in Antarctica before
  31. Is any1 here bae?
  32. Is any1 here gay?
  33. Is any1 here gay?
  34. I dream up waking I had a hottie like you....
  35. Is any1 here gay?
  36. You're beautiful <3
  37. What's a straight man eat for dinner u ask?
  38. just got 1st in a straightie
  39. E'eryone in da house who straight say YEAH!

There are big ships and little ships

Feb 9, 2018 by malachite05
But the most important ships are friendships <3
Thank you for being my friend Tengaged <3


Hey i miss you
Sent by Kaylabby,Feb 9, 2018
Hello kaylabby it is such a joy to see you :)
Sent by malachite05,Feb 9, 2018
Mail me babes lets chat!
Sent by Kaylabby,Feb 9, 2018

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