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  1. I'm straight btw
  2. Is any1 here trans?
  3. I'm excited to see more straights today
  4. Is any1 here gay?
  5. I should go to the gym today
  6. Posting for 50 Ts in a sec
  7. I am Team Memphis_Grizzlies!
  8. Who is the one person on this site
  9. hey who want a gift
  10. I'm scared to tell my parents
  11. I'm straight btw
  12. Choke me daddy
  13. A trans girl cuts my hair sometimes
  14. I order cream cheese on my bagel sandwich
  15. What should I post in my shop next week?
  16. Is any1 here gay?
  17. Is any1 here gay?
  18. Would you punch a girl in the face?
  19. Joining Stars next week
  20. Who out herr trynna git a gift
  21. top 2 that comment the most get gifted
  22. HEY FELLAS! Question for ya!
  23. Is any1 here gay?
  24. PYN if u respect women
  25. Got dinner from Panda Express on campus
  26. Tag your Tengaged Valentine! <3
  27. I gave a homeless man $5 today
  28. Is any1 here gay?
  29. Meeting canceled
  30. Sugar daddy lookin' to spoil u hmu
  31. Would you date me?
  32. Is any1 here gay?
  33. Finally found a cute girl on Grindr
  34. Got some coffee this morning
  35. One of my favorite signs e'er <3
  36. Has science gone too far!?
  37. I weighed a little too much this morning
  38. Goodnight tengaged <3
  39. There are big ships and little ships
  40. Is any1 here gay?

Headed to the gym

Feb 8, 2018 by malachite05
PYN if u want sexy snaps from the showers!


sexy snaps of what?!?!?! THE WATA?
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Feb 8, 2018
just wait til you see my wata oliviaxoxo
Sent by malachite05,Feb 8, 2018
Sent by FallonCarrington,Feb 8, 2018

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