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I've never done a pyn opinion!

17thMay 14, 2016 by makingallfall2
This would be real anyone wanting an opinion may do so... If I do not no you, or feel the need to not comment because I don't like you, then that is how I work, but if anyone gets one of these and would like to talk about why, my ears and mind are open. At work right now, but for sure will answer all PYN'S when I get home. Go!

maxiphone27 - Well~ I have seen you around, but yes I do not know you at all but being first on this PYN you sound a bit intriguing.

Thumper91 - Let's see- You are a bright, great, person... Last time we spoke I think I told you that I am going to change my ways not only in life but on this site as well! You always been a great person and always funny and really laid back! It's been years since we were really on a talk going from day to day and always loved the times! 2 things about you are a bit bothersome about something a long time ago, but when time lapses I don't even think you would remember! But overall your wonderful!

ticofernandez - I would have to go right into how I much get along with you! As much respect as I have for you, I think the feeling is mutual on the respect thing! You have always been there for me when I have asked for help. I remember you being in my frats and how loyal you were in the frat! I think of all the guys on this site you probably know my character more than anyone does! Your a great person and a great friend! Even recently I believe you called me out on my own "Image", and got me to thinking about if that was the person I wanted to turn out to be! Thank you for all you have always done and always being a great friend of mine! :)

FrozenShadow09 - Well we have recently been talking and knowing the real person behind the Avitar, you always have been very intriguing to me! You have always seemed to treat the game with respect as well as people who treat you with the same amount of respect. Your a really cool person, and the thing I really know about you from long ago is when it comes down to saying what is really on your mind... You say it with meaning and even if it were a stern conversation! You probably do not know exactly what I am talking about here but I could always refresh your memory!

jsylvia76 - Jaime you always used to stand behind me and support me in all kinds of ways. Some of me regrets some things I might have said to you in the past and more! Jaime, I was always really stern with you because you believed in me so much! I always believed in you and still do! Your exactly what a best friend should be to another; however since our long delay of talking I have tried to reel you in again but you as you know that your stuck in a shell and refuse to come out of it! You will in time, but a lot of this is the new friends you hang with! Not saying they are bad, just saying it seems like a new era and your kind of flying your Kite as high as you can, and I know I have not told you this about flying that kite, but DO SO... Your such an amazing person and you will never be forgotten by me in no way, form, or fashion. Thank you Jaime for all you have done! :)

AlyssaB - Alyssa we were talking quite a bit back and forth through mails a few weeks ago and come to find out, we actually have a lot in common! I would like to continue going forward as of being good friends on this site, but I think I found the first thing we might not have in common between us! I recently added a comment on a post a little over a week ago! I am never a person that would say that I am perfect! A lot of times if the conversation or anything is not about me I usually stay out of things! I made a mistake and admitted to it, but I am not sure if you really understood why I said the comment at all! Honestly, neither do I, but it was a reaction that I can not take back, but maybe I could be wrong again and you have not thought anything afterwards about that isssue! If there is ever a time you would like to discuss it my ears and mind will be completely open this time!

Arcaninemaster - Eric, you have always been like the person slapping my ass to do things that I said I wasn't going to do! This is not something bad I am saying it is actually good! You have always supported me in the things I haven't done and always saying I will do well in something but in fact we both know I wouldn't do good in them! As far as a person you seem like someone that has always been so genuine when talking to. I seem to confuse you a lot when we skype, but that is quite alright because I think just about everyone that knows me understands I always am like the old man in the Movie "Waterboy". I do a bunch of blabbing and confuse people on purpose lol! You are a person when you say you will do something for someone you keep your word! At least you have always kept your word with me and Thank you for that!

acyuta - Since we met in that casting a few years ago, I feel like I am like a person that can see in the future. I said long ago at the end of that casting that you would end up on this site as a leader for a lot of people! You said in your PYN that I taught you so much on this site... Sometimes with other people I feel like that should be said about me from them, but in your case whereas I am probably the biggest pain in your butt because where you are, I am. I only want to be around positive people especially you! If I had more to say about you today that I have not said to you before it's only because you are the most "Articulate person" on this site that I have had a pleasure of meeting! That is what draws us both up as close friends the articulation! You play this site with respect, dignity, and have shown great depths of that word I always preached in my frats long ago! ~INTEGRITY~ AND THAT MY GOOD FRIEND IS THE BEST CHARACTERISTIC anyone can possibly have going for them everyday! Thank you for being such a great friend and always being there for me! I could just go on with this PYN in only positive things to say about you! I love you like a brother and always will!

quackattack817 - You are another person that was with me for a while in my frats a few years back! You were always a nice person and still to this day I think your a nice guy! No downfalls with us, just wish we were a bit more social sometimes and hope we can go forward stronger than once before!

Vanili - Sayra, your an amazing person. When I first met you, i think I thought things were supposed to be different with you and me, but when I sat back and thought about things I had a different aspect of things! Your definitely a 2nd chance person, and Thank you for giving me a 2nd chance at being friends! I just hope you know I always support you in your games, and will always hope the best for you! Your a lovely person and i am lucky as well as a lot of users on this site to have the chance to even know you! :) Stay strong!

jameslu - I met you in one of your charities and something happened in that charity that made me feel bad about it so I gifted you! Seeing that you ended up winning, I WANT MY GIFT BACK! LoL jokes... James your a great person, I feel bad I am not always around to plus the spam lately, but keep sending because you know that I am always willing to plus that spam of yours! All in all james it would be great to see you perform the way I know and think you can on this site! :)

ghrocky100 - I think we have played a few games a while back not sure tbh! I don't have anything bad to say about you but I do know that I have seen you around in games... Like I said you have not done anything I can remember that would send out a bad word against you!


I don't think you know me at all but on the off chance you have an opinion of me, then me!
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