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May 18, 2015 by makingallfall2
I will give an honest opinion of your personality... If I have never heard of you then I will just base it on your username! GO

OMGitsGARRET - You seem cool and nice!
Pieguy555 - You seemed relaxed and spammy but in general a real kind person!
Galaxies - hmmm new to the site and by joining my frat I hope you do well!
PotatoSalad - Your interesting as we have played a few games recently, but sometimes you underate me so kinda a bit mean :p
Tanarexix - Lol basing this off username but i picture you as an old dinosaur sunbathing!
NewOrleansPelicans - We have alot in common especially with the city of New Orleans and knowing who you are now gives me a very cool guy and friend on this site! Never want to stay out of contact with you...
2Beastly - I know I have seen you around but i don't know why we have really never spoken... Is it your too good to know me? That has always been my perception!
Danger - I know I have seen you around but today something stood out and I agreed with it... But you seem real and not fake... (Personality)
Mickiejames22 - I have known you from a frat and you seem nice and tried working with you in one game and you perceived me as you never believed me that I saved you in that game, but always wanted to be friends when we were in the same frat together...
TotalDramaLover1234 - You are interesting and what I think of you is kinda cool... I know we have alot in common when it comes to strategy in games and that is what intrigues me about you...
Scyfin - I have seen you around not sure where but your user name is what sticks out most... Are you a runaway that is 16 with a car and syphins gas out of other peoples cars to get to the next city? LoL
arcaninemaster - Wow where to begin, you have to be one of the most thoughtful people on this site when it comes to personality... You are absolutely one friend on this site i never want to lose! You keep my spirits up when I am down just by simply skyping me on occasions! Stay true and never change please!
superman11 - Sam is it? I had a bad outing with you in my first game with you on this site, but I take criticism well and your criticism kinda made me think twice about how to change my outlook at games... Then I have been in a couple of charities with you and in one now as a matter of fact you seem to be a likable person and glad I have had the experience of the bad and the good with you!

I am terrible at this but having fun, anyone else?


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me :)
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me! < 3
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< 3
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Me :)
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