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it was just a vase

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My thoughts after being evicted for the first time Aug 15, 2009
I guess you can't win all of them, but damn, I thought I was in the Final 4 fo sho. I was easily the most active in the game, but I suppose that was my downfall.

In my first game, which other members have called more dramatic than the norm, I raced through, evicting both a mediocre manipulator (k5000) and something of a calm psychopath with multiple personalities (kennedy0) and came out without a scratch.

But then, somehow, in the Final 8 on day 7, I was nominated. Everyone was shocked, or at least acted shocked, as to how and why. The other nominees being Richpaca, who, as most of you know, has left the site, and Jackie85, who had the previous day left on a vacation, I thought I would probably be spared. I felt even more secure after asking each of the voters how they would vote for me- saying even if they gave me 3, I wouldn't hold a grudge, as long as they were straight with me, and collecting replies of 1 all around.

And then, the day change came. I expected to be safe and was more worried about being Nominated again. But I was evicted by vote, and Jackie85 was somehow Algoed. For about 30 second I stared at the screen, mouth agape.

And the thing is, of the voters- SamMacTravis, electricfeel, Sookie, Nominations, and bentley14- I am absolutely certain that Nominations and bentley14 lied and voted for me. Honestly, they are a new level of evil and twisted. But the thing is they may have had a 3rd alliance member to get the majority vote, and if they did it was Sookie. If this is true, all of the previous comments apply to her, too.

But I really mustn't ramble, and try to move on. I placed 8th, I don't think that's terrible for my first game. And even though I now have to devote countless more hours seated in Casting, I feel glad I had a lot of good and bad experiences now.

Good luck to SamMacTravis and electricfeel- you were, indeed the only ones I could trust. I hope we're together again next game. Sookie, too, if she wasn't in Nominations' alliance, lol.
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Agh, Casting is taking over my life... Aug 14, 2009
I mean honestly. The game is 90% hinged on activity, but at the same time I've been by far the most active in my game and yet somehow I get Nominated >.> It's just so stressful. Rookies is a lot less hinged on activity BUT in order to get IN to Rookies games you need to do well in Casting. And trying to win Casting by being active so I can get IN to Rookies is just sooooo stressful.

Ugh. I hope I win after all this, but good luck to all my competitors- Jackie85, Nominations, electricfeel, SamMacTravis, Bentley14, and Sookie. Love you all <3
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Apples to Apples Aug 12, 2009
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