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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Full inauguration fashion ranking

Jan 20, 2021 by mahogany
image1. MichelleObama still top toot she look amazing
2. the klobber's coat honestly outsold and her screentime was really justified
3. J lo's look for this land is my land. very classy
4. hildog's blue number, she served the best very blue look tonight
5. that bitch andrea who recited AND signed the pledge (pictured left)
6. kamala looking very SAFE and also very blue
7. kamala's white stepdaughter horrible and gaudy with some crust on the shoulders
8. jill biden horrible cheap picnic blanket looking number. washed up, burn it. worst blue look
9. Lady Gaga's AWFUL hunger games costume


ADDENDUM: it's been brought to my attention that several people with bad eyesight think the hildog and kamala looks are purple... they're wrong
Sent by mahogany,Jan 20, 2021
Plussed but kamala and hill dog wearing PURPLE
Sent by Olympia,Jan 20, 2021
Andrea too low
Sent by temponeptune,Jan 20, 2021

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