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Jun 29, 2019 by mahogany
imageLast time on LOVE ISLAND... the boys were NOT feeling newly bisexual Melinda melindamrskk  but after a dramatic twist in which new couples HAD to be picked, Emmett was forced to pick her by default sending his beloved Nina righttocensor HOME.

It's time to vote for the MOST COMPATIBLE COUPLE!

Each of you INDIVIDUALLY must send a vote in PMs or comments of which new couple you think is the most COMPATIBLE. You may NOT vote for yourself obviously. You will have exactly 5 minutes to send your votes and you don't have to vote the same as your couple.

The couple with the MOST votes will be SAFE for the next two eliminations.
The couple with the LEAST votes will be in danger of getting DUMPED... make sure you vote FAST as this may factor into the elimination / tiebreaker

Tayvie highnoon and Omarosa theomen
Chandier heatherchandier and Nisha queenisha
Nel neleh and Kelly kelly0412
Ruffles wavy_lays and Splozio splozojames50
Emmett emmett4 and Melinda melindamrskk

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