Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Yall really showing your TRUE colors

Jun 6, 2019 by mahogany
image rubes nijoco righttocensor etc.

Remember when me and highnoon being SUCH MEAN BULLIES was such a problem that it called for our disqualification?

What did theomen do to you other than eliminate you from a drag race?


He discredited all the work I did. And that doesn’t sit well with me.
Sent by Rubes,Jun 6, 2019
rubes Guess what Mimi? You signed up for a COMPETITION, newsflash NOT EVERYONE IS GONNA WIN!!!!
Sent by mahogany,Jun 6, 2019
Oh I don’t care about winning. By what I do care about is him saying basically I’m shit which is obviously not true considering I have multiple crowns
Sent by Rubes,Jun 6, 2019

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