Big Brother and online Hunger games.

ah yes thank u for reminding me

May 27, 2019 by mahogany
image rosemaria of this iconic stars i slayed in times of old

who can forget
- shayybayy and aquamarine meltdown when they lost control of the game day 5
-me predicting mikeroro would be stupid and annoying long before the populace was widely aware
- slice and bigupboy being stupid and sheeping the 8-person oc premade at the beginning (the above 3 plus iampaxton lemonface kentuckyy @lonlee @bbdamian )
- Slice later becoming my sheep only to have his vote thrown and go up against ladylizard when she turned on me, I pulled off in a last minute crack deal with the OC leading to a legendary 50/50 tie where we all ran to neg Carlena's comments causing her death (pictured above)


couple things, 1 why and how the fuck do you remember the specifics of this game or any game on tengaged for that matter. it’s almost as if you do nothing else but dwell on tengaged games, it’s rather comical.

2, didn’t ladylizard die or am i remembering this incorrectly.
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