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  1. oh snap
  2. might host a great british bake off
  3. i'm also off the hezze
  4. *news of Halloween's death plays on the nightly..
  5. zachbbs
  6. oh wow sad
  7. LOL @
  8. negativity
  9. honestly
  10. watching this frooks on my tv screen
  11. tayvie is hosting a skype next top model
  12. Is this guy gay?
  13. Oh excuse me *prepares for photo op*
  14. did gagaluv make this video
  15. wow i cant believe
  16. So
  17. yikes @
  18. bitch
  19. Skype Project Runway
  20. Hosting a Project Runway skype game
  21. Project Runway skype game
  22. *sits in the stars house*
  23. Tayvie's Skype Next Top Model
  24. Project runway skype game
  25. Hosting a Project Runway skype game
  26. ladies we have two weeks
  27. who wants to play a skype game
  28. does anyone wanna play a skype game
  29. Ideal BB All Stars Cast
  30. me: I just feel awful!
  31. me: the allegations are totally untrue!
  32. You're part of the problem now Henna
  33. Cancer free in 9 days huh?
  34. 7:03 PM PT Rockstar says that 911 is an inside job..
  35. i wanna get shot in the head
  36. I'm only staying if
  37. Yeah this place is worthless now
  38. real question
  39. icon
  40. Pay me for my silence

Is this guy gay?

1stOct 30, 2018 by mahogany
-if the fires in the twin towers were caused by planes then who set fire to building 7?
-where were the national guard scramblers?
-how were cell phone calls made from the planes when cell phone technology was not advanced enough to allow for such calls?
-why do basement workers allege of an explosion that pushed them upwards?


jet fuel doesnt melt steel beams
Sent by koolness234,Oct 30, 2018
Sounds gay.
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it was bush boo
Sent by Kelly0412,Oct 31, 2018

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