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2nd- Skype Project Runway Season Ranking

Jan 3, 2018 by mahogany
Charts & looks:

And the runner-up is.... SEASON 3.

It's honestly kind of a toss-up for me between the top two seasons. These really feel like the fuel that pushed my motivation to host another 10 subsequent seasons in the last 6 months. But obviously this was the initial REBIRTH and BOY was it a dousy, the designs this season were LIT.

The good:
-I remember distinctly after the challenge 4 double boot I was like FUCK... all of these people deserve to make fashion week. There was really a HUGE amount of talent. Like you really know it was a popping season when frontrunners like Brandon and Krissy were cut short.
-The Miscarriage Maternity Wear runway was a wonderful fabulous moment and I remember that magical feeling.
-The Gagaluv Window Display challenge being probably the most iconic team challenge in my memory (it competes with S1 Twin Towers, S5 Chocolate Race War and S13 Holidays)
-Other iconic challenges like Neopets Denim famously won by Krissy Notatop and Avant Garde Lays Chips.
-The birth of many IMPORTANT returning designers in general
-Even the early boots were all icons.
-One of the toughest decisions to make in the semifinal ever, sorry Anal.
-Probably, to date, the most controversial final decision for the winner, with many nay-sayers still claiming Bellossom is the legitimate winner.

The bad:
-All I gots to say is, Bellossom could have beat Melissa Joan's iconic Night with Nights collection if it was a LITTLE cuter. Sorry BOUT it but obviously it was still legendary mua das a kiss.

Tagging the designers on this season:

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