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  1. hmmm that's a lot of blogs for you to remove now
  2. yh cuz
  3. Whenever u feel bad about yourself
  4. Go ahead call the cops
  5. i'm sorry but
  6. This is honestly pathetic
  7. also u still look like shit
  8. I love the "drag"
  9. imagine
  10. vvvv love how this won't get rage negged
  11. tonight was so fun on the blogs page
  12. Don't intimidate teenagers online
  13. Loooool
  14. Soooooo
  15. Just saw that the Führer took his own life.
  16. I've been thinking alot since last night
  17. I find it almost insulting to Hitler’s life
  18. So on the topic of the TOS
  19. #repost
  20. I guess we live in a world where
  21. Literally definition of abuse of power
  22. Oh is calling someone a racist against the rules..
  23. SO
  24. Carlos isn't listening to u girl
  25. Same peeps
  26. That's ur 'best friend' mr kondom?
  27. Test
  28. Wow lol my blog was deleted
  29. Fiesta salsa quinceanera
  30. Shut it carolyn
  31. connorthomson ummm IDK maybe cause the terrorist..
  33. Sorry but honestly
  34. Are u there Carlos?
  37. I mean idk her address but
  38. Wow gagaluv doxxing people
  39. daniel123456
  40. the mod we needed

Coming from someone who

Dec 15, 2017 by mahogany
imagehas both won a stars and got evicted like 3 days ago with over 70%

DonutDude556 You can't just 'run the game' to win stars, I feel sorry for everyone still in that game still subjected to your crybaby bullshit. Being a swingvote for a few d/cs don't mean the game deserves to be handed to you on a silver platter!


A blue block of wood can withstand these things.
Sent by konohavillage1,Dec 15, 2017
Mmmm my girl steph looking fine there
Sent by Steel,Dec 15, 2017
konohavillage1 you should read the game he is having 2011 mahogany snapping and accusing LaQuawnda of spamming him out of Stars levels of paranoid breakdown
Sent by mahogany,Dec 15, 2017
This is true.
Sent by Loopspeare,Dec 15, 2017
hey i know that person
its a baseball players wife
Sent by maturo,Dec 15, 2017

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