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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


16thAug 26, 2018 by m7md26

"Julian <3 I know that we aren't the closest or anything and it has been a long time since we talked, but I really enjoyed our stint in Survivor together about a year ago. You're a really kind individual and somebody who is really easy to talk to. I hope we can catch up soon and maybe some day we'll play another game together. I hope that you have a fabulous birthday and your day is filled with fun :D <3" - brandonpinzu

Juliann, who the fu@# is that? :P
LOL, my survivor buddy and my friend <3
You got so unlucky with swapps :( I hope you can get back with us soon.
Hope you have a happy birthday - TaraG

Finally we succeeded together in something!  LMAO  But in all seriousness, every time we've crossed paths, I always knew you as one of the most down-to-earth yet humorous guys and you bring an air of positivity that's lacking on Tengaged nowadays.  These last 3 months we've been through on our tribe were some of the best and now that you're gone you will be sorely missed.  You're one hell of a guy and anyone who does come across you should be happy to have met you.  I know I'm glad I did.  :)  Happy Birthday bro  <3 Icarus_Mark

Julian, you're a wonderfull buddy and I'm glad I could met you around here. You are one of the people I most trust in here and I appreciate you have helped me that far in here. You are a warmfull and lovely boy, that's why I wish you the best and you'll certainly get there. Enjoy this day, I'm by your side when you need me. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Freund! Matte

Happy Birthday to one of the most genuine and caring people I have had the pleasure of knowing on this site. I hope your day is filled with lots of love and blessings.  gagaluv

Happy birthday Juliann, I met you as some random person in Survivor i'm glad i had the opportunity to call you my friend  you are one amazing guy and thank you  for being a friend, wish you nothing but the best today and everyday your pal Martin ( wpwSers196 ) God Bless!!!

Happy Birthday Juliann with two ns, Im happy we were in Survivor together and your mails the other night made my fricken day!!!! You never know when ill be back ;) but you're a fantastic dude, keep it up. I hope you have the EVER!! jessloveee

Happy birthday juliann!!! I remember when I first met you and you joined the tribe and we fought about something stupid and i didnt like you. Then we made up and its been nothing but great times with you. You went from sucking at comps to becoming a fucking comp beast and your such a huge part of the tribe. Even though your the youngest your kind of the glue that holds us all together. Ive never heard one person say one bad thing about you and im so glad I met you. Hope you have a great birthday and get as fucked up as you were in Spain astone929

Brother from another mother on this site, me you and nickp together are some of my favorite memories on here, have a great day buddy!  kwiens18

And ofc the best for last me
Happy Birthday to my little noobo who sheeped me in the first survivor we played and got me to another merge! You are obviously my rock on the site and my support on league who helps me win lane and no you are not as bad as before. I can tell you everything and you never judge me etc, You are the best person on this site and I really hope you have an amazing day. Plus you have to league with me cuz of the cheap skins I bought you now. Also you may have beaten me in survivor merges but league is still mine to carry you ;)


Me when I didn't think you would do one of these LOL!
Awwww such sweet messages <3
I really enjoy reading them and I'm glad to have met every single one of you :) In about half a month I'm on this site for 4 years and it's you all that kept me here. And the drama of course. Be yourself and stay beautiful!

As for you Mo, you will always be an unreplaceble friend and someone who I can talk to every day, whichever mood I'm in. Loves you <3 OH AND BTW We are joining Survivor soon whether you like it or not!!
Sent by Juliann,Aug 26, 2018
Yeaah, Happy birthday Juliann
Thanks for the blog m7md26
Sent by Matte,Aug 26, 2018
Juliann <3
Sent by brandonpinzu,Aug 26, 2018
Sweet! :)

Happy Birthday Juliann
Sent by Ashutosh,Aug 26, 2018
Happy Birthday @Juliannn you're the best! =D
Sent by dandoe,Aug 26, 2018
Juliann ^ xD
Sent by dandoe,Aug 26, 2018

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