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  1. join my frat ^^
  2. bored
  3. who's getting evicted on Cbb first?
  4. any frats to join
  5. i want to mentor someone
  6. NSFW
  7. who would of thought
  8. snapstreak anyone
  9. gm
  10. gm
  11. valentines day
  12. who else is single
  13. pyn and ill tell you how we met
  14. i wanna try the skype translator anyone wanna try..
  15. my life is one giant mess atm
  16. who wants to be friends
  17. anyone else want to pyn
  18. anyone else want to pyn
  19. CBB eviction
  20. pyn
  21. in love
  22. gonna update them now^^
  23. when you get to go home early
  24. updated, more plz
  25. pyn
  26. snapstreak anyone
  27. bored in class
  28. gm
  29. for celebrity big brother
  30. league anyone
  31. why do ppl
  32. what a crazy day today has been
  33. my right eye is twitching all day rip me
  34. does anyone else hate
  35. anyone wanna league
  36. link for the hell's kitchen episode?
  37. bored
  38. bored sc me
  39. gm
  40. hairy or smooth

does anyone else hate

Jan 27, 2018 by m7md26
when they buy something and then they get a text from the bank to see their balance
idk i just hate knowing how much i have left


Me anytime I spend money
Sent by Brookie0126,Jan 27, 2018
Sent by alanb1,Jan 27, 2018

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