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  1. i want a massage
  2. question
  3. bored
  4. bored pyn
  5. whats something interesting about you
  6. pyn
  7. bored snap me
  8. havent c*mmed in a week
  9. im not sure my dad knows i exist
  10. i just want to say if u feel no one loves you
  11. i have a halo on my head
  12. who wants to be bffs
  13. il7as 6eeze
  14. whos the horrible person here?
  15. i asked someone what they like to do
  16. once you catch someone in a lie
  17. i personally hate sad songs lol
  18. bored snap me
  19. updating now
  20. post your favorite song
  21. bored
  22. join my frat
  23. what do you do when you are extremely mad at..
  24. when i dont get enough sleep
  25. im making a tg meetup happen
  26. finals this year
  27. bored snap me
  28. idk what makes snap streaks addicting tbh
  29. BBCAN Finale
  30. do you believe in karma
  31. there are so many diseases in the world
  32. pyn and ill mail you something interesting
  33. bored
  34. Dear people with blue eyes
  35. my new addiction is
  36. pyn and ill mail u something hot
  37. im so tired
  38. i feel bloated
  39. any fun active frats?
  40. played secret hitler for first time

i got yelled at so much today

Jan 3, 2018 by m7md26
i stopped caring but still it was annoying


yikes why?
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Jan 3, 2018
If you were my intern, I'd also yell.
Sent by Arris,Jan 3, 2018
oliviaxoxo they asked me Qs on oncall and i answered wrong....the residents didn't know any of the answers either they also got yelled at
arris i'd yell back at you...
Sent by m7md26,Jan 3, 2018
omg u working now?! finished? SCARY yikes i hate consultants like that that just shout for nothing
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Jan 3, 2018
oliviaxoxo i just got home it was annoying but last day tomorrow then winter/spring break :P
Sent by m7md26,Jan 3, 2018

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