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4thMar 30, 2017 by m7md26
so since i don't really use this site anymore i have 4 gifts owed to me.

To enter is simple, plus the blog and comment why you OR a friend of yours should be gifted.

I will choose 4 people.

Be persuasive!

i'll select before the blog expires


I might gift more people soon.


Moxii Best friend ever... I mean ever.
Sent by EmilyThorne,Mar 30, 2017
me bcus u love me
Sent by Petro,Mar 30, 2017
screamfan0061  I would love a gift, first, because I NEVER get gifted. The same people always get gifted on this site, and second because my birthday is coming up and I know that no one on this site likes me enough to gift me on my birthday. Plus I would just really appreciate it and be very thankful
Sent by screamfan0061,Mar 30, 2017
i would love a gift because i really appreciate the spirit of gifting and the gift itself. i may have quite a few gifts, but i believe i've gifted others more than i have myself (i stopped keeping tally). even the first time i could afford something in shops, i chose to gift a friend rather than buying hair i liked (which oddly enough resulted in the shop owner gifting me the hair to reward my unselfish behavior) :p receiving a gift on here is still joyous and there aren't a lot of happy things on this site. speaking of which, i always try to keep a positive attitude and get to know new and old users a lot. being kind gets you major karma points in life and that's what i always try to remember when signing in. a simple bet on a crooks, helping in a charity, plussing spam, celebrating someone else's gameplay or personality...these are all things i try to partake in as often as possible :) good things come to good people and i strongly believe that
Sent by k4r4k,Mar 30, 2017
I want a gift because:
A female skin could complete my female avi. If I get a gift owed to me, and you gift me with the gift owed to you, I will ask whoever owes me to gift you back. I will accept any type of female skin, and honestly really anything that is male I will also accept.
I also need friends, and will friend you (idc if u gift me back, i will still gift ya)
I give a lot, and receive sometimes.
I can be a good friend whenever you need one, and will never hurt my friends on purpose.

You could also gift MoneyNeil:
He doesn't have many gifts.
He is an AMAZING person and friend. He supports me when I need it. He does that to everyone he is close with.
He is funny af and good at LMAOs and ROFLs.
Sent by BigBrotherDonny,Mar 30, 2017
im nice lmao! throught your whole group game ik we didnt get along as much as a host & player should lmfao but im glad we dont hate each others guts. youre a really great host and i mean all game aside a really chill person so yea :p feel free to gift me? wouldnt expect it but its worth a try haha :D
Sent by Renny10,Mar 30, 2017
Hey, i know we have never met but I think that my friend RedFabFoxy should be gifted because, 1. shes a black level WITHOUT a gift which sucks!!! 2.Shes super nice and works really hard spamming peoples designs but gets nothing out of it :( and 3. She is just an overall nice person who deserves a chance like this. She has been wanting a gift for so long!!! Please gift her RedFabFoxy
Sent by Bluejay7622,Mar 30, 2017
I would like a gift because the past couple months I have been working my butt off to try and get back to where I was on my old account. A couple months back my account was stolen and I lost a gift with it. It would mean the world to me if I could get a gift back! I always plus spam, ive spammed for tons of people in the past who have not gifted me! I only have 2 gifts and would really love a couple more! Anyways, what your doing is very kind and I hope all is well in your future
Sent by Bluejay7622,Mar 30, 2017
Wow ur so nice *cough*
Sent by Juliann,Mar 30, 2017
Very generous for giving away stuff on tengaged. I would say that I deserve a gift because the skins without gifts look not as great. Sadly got scammed a lot of times had to plus a lot of clothing items never got around to receiving my own Even if you don't pick me it is very generous of you to give away stuff
Sent by Zmiles02,Mar 30, 2017
You should gift me people i have worked very hard to be gifted. I am nice and will owe you after!
Sent by Magicalbaby,Mar 31, 2017
I should be gifted because I only have one gift, I play in many group games, and I'm nice to everyone on Tengaged (if we're not in a game). I don't have anybody hating on me, and I don't send spam. So, please be even nicer (you're already nice) and give the gift to me because I feel like I deserve it.
Sent by Cryptspartan,Mar 31, 2017
Gift me cuz I'm queen Heather
Sent by TDBigBrotherLover112,Mar 31, 2017
im really nice and we have had good conversations, i think i deserve more then 4 gifts but i dont know any rich people and ive had to win most of them through giveaways like this one. You know how kindhearted and down to earth i am do wahtever you want i would like the gift it but if u choose someone else i understand

(btw if it isnt male you can def choose someone else i dont want any female things)
Sent by lionsden121,Mar 31, 2017
Please gift me because I've been stuck with this avi for months and I have only 1 gift (from you of course) and I would like another. I have saved up some T$ for Gold so I won't be able to buy a design in a really long time. And plus, my birthday is coming very soon (less than 3 weeks)
Sent by Steven999,Mar 31, 2017
Sent by m7md26,Mar 31, 2017

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