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Time to unban DEATH_METAL

Dec 5, 2010 by loosens
Dont you all agree death_metal's ban should be lifted?
I'm sure he needs this game to forgive and forget what happend
if he will be right again.

I'm sure whatever he did, the situation he was in with the car wreck changed him and he will try to correct all of his errors and mistakes.
So give him another chance! Let him come back and make a little good for him.

If he isn't unbanned, this is a sick world we live in.
Let him be free!


well i think he still has another count that isn't banned
Sent by Runner430,Dec 5, 2010
No he was perm banned for posting porn. Just because something tragic in real life doesn't mean he doesn't deserve his consequenses on here. Him on here and something in real life are two different things. Sorry but thats not right to unban him.
Sent by Timster,Dec 5, 2010
Timster, dont you think his views have changed upon then?
Would you rather have him killing himself?
Have you ever saw a loved one die suddenly?
My dad died of a massive brain hemmorage when we were alone and I went manic. So, it really helps. Second chances are always good.
Sent by loosens,Dec 5, 2010
Personally it might not be best if he come back until he is ready and stable. I need him :(.
Sent by anthony2011class,Dec 5, 2010
Well what about all the other permanent banned people? Then they should get a second chance if he does too. I don't think feeling sorry for him should get him unbanned.
Sent by Timster,Dec 5, 2010
He can always make a new account and talk to his friends through skype too,
Sent by Timster,Dec 5, 2010
Anthony remember my dad died very tramatically? If I wouldn't have had tengaged to sit online and focus on something other than him dying I would've probably killed myself.
Sent by loosens,Dec 5, 2010
And im sorry to hear that but im MORE than positive he has way more things to do than go on tengaged. This is probably the last place he wants to go to. He's been gone over a month he probably forgot about the site. I'd be close around my family members instead of on this dramatic website. But its just my opinion. This is the last place i'd go after a death
Sent by Timster,Dec 5, 2010
i know hunny :/. maybe he should come back.
Sent by anthony2011class,Dec 5, 2010
+10 it's a touchy subject
Sent by chewbacca,Dec 5, 2010
I'm sure his real life friends will be a comfort to him, he left this site for a reason, he didn't enjoy the drama and conflict, or that is the impression I got from him.... But I think it actually could be a comfort to him too...
Sent by trishytrash,Dec 6, 2010
Meh, he posted porn and broke TOS. Yes, it was tragic what happened to him but that doesn't mean he should have a free pass to everything. He can always make a new account.
Sent by Joeposh,Dec 6, 2010

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