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Follow up to ~*RIP BUSTER*~

Dec 3, 2010 by loosens
imageRemember two months ago, my dog got hit and killed my a car?

Well a miracle happend, we ended up finding out a few days before he got hit he must've mated with my moms dog.
If not heres to refresh your cute minds:

Well it seems like just yesterday, I took my mom's dog to the vet.
And day we have puppies. They are his puppies.
3/4 Chinese Crescent 1/4 Terrier. They were born Nov 8th. Two are hairless females, one has hair and is a boy.  The boy looks exactly like the dad that got hit by the car. Kind of neat? They all have respitory infections but they are doing better. Here is a pic of the girl ^_^

plus and comment? (:
Sent by kgbit,Dec 3, 2010
Sent by Noontar,Dec 3, 2010
i wanna go home and see my puppy
Sent by blogs,Dec 3, 2010
Sent by Savcodushe,Dec 3, 2010
omg cute!
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