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It's been fun girls...

8thApr 21, 2011 by lonlee
but i think it's time for me to go for a while... at least 6 weeks, if you catch my drift. I loved quick rookies, and they are gone. I was overjoyed that old castings came back, but then I realized i don't have a real life and obviously there is only a few people here that care, so i am making this blog for those few who do. You know if you are one of those people, and if your not sure, i will make a blog after this with your name if i care about you. I have had a really fun time here on tengaged, but you know, whatever. I might start all over again in a 6 weeks, then again i may not, only time will tell. I'd like to say im sorry to my survivor tribe, and the OC, for wasting your time. So until my love blogs and then later my porn blog, this is it.

Feel free to add me on skype if you wish. lonlee09

This is the final Goodbye...


Sent by hobnobgpro,Apr 21, 2011
laura :(<3
Sent by jtotalturtle,Apr 21, 2011
Sent by sarahnva,Apr 21, 2011
No MooChaCha... don't go I LOVE YOU!!!
Sent by IconGrist,Apr 21, 2011
Sent by CHAD814,Apr 21, 2011
Sent by TheGoodMan,Apr 21, 2011
Sent by heatherbear,Apr 21, 2011
is it because i showed u my teeth :c
Sent by teeth,Apr 21, 2011
wow tgm are you trying to say i don't really want to leave? :/
Sent by lonlee,Apr 21, 2011
Sent by BB5lover,Apr 21, 2011
get out!
Sent by dorkishbarbi,Apr 21, 2011
:O omg no!
Sent by Monsterr,Apr 21, 2011
Aw . well bye .
Sent by Mrlincoln2u,Apr 21, 2011
awww  =[ ily boo
Sent by Analeigh,Apr 21, 2011
dont do it!! You'll regret gettin permed
Sent by JonathanT23,Apr 21, 2011
omg you should post my nudes!
Sent by Chemicalali,Apr 21, 2011
Sent by Sassy003,Apr 21, 2011
if this is real, :( you'll be missed.
Great choice of song, simple minds <33
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Apr 21, 2011
lmfaoo! loves laura <3
Sent by Kellyt210,Apr 21, 2011
Laura <3
Sent by tonym101101,Apr 21, 2011
Just sign off your account, no need to ban yourself. +15
Sent by ZEEnon,Apr 21, 2011
Sent by Laqueefsha,Apr 21, 2011
Don't post porn =[
Sent by Scheuerman14,Apr 21, 2011
Sent by colehausman271,Apr 21, 2011
Sent by kimmal8,Apr 21, 2011
People dont seem to realise she was copying MooChaCha lol
Sent by HelenCoops,Apr 22, 2011
Hi ily. <3
Sent by TheKid28,Apr 22, 2011
imma miss you =[
we will play stars again kty<3
Sent by smi9127,Apr 22, 2011
omg i got scared LOL
Sent by titan24maniac,Apr 22, 2011
Sent by blogs,Apr 22, 2011
Sent by dools,Apr 22, 2011
Omg. This is hilarious.
Sent by sarahnva,Apr 22, 2011
Sent by DanVanDam,Apr 22, 2011

see you sometime soon.

Sent by dexterie,Apr 22, 2011
Sent by Brian2937462,Apr 22, 2011
Sent by AustinRules,Apr 22, 2011
ily <3333333
Sent by Xbac5,Apr 22, 2011
Laura I love you so much.
You were my first friend on here and I will never forget you :'(
Please stay.
Sent by DanielAllen,Apr 22, 2011
Laura</3 I'm gonna miss you momma<3 I love youuuuuuuu<3
Sent by Sass21,Apr 22, 2011

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