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Excuse me Brian Jul 25, 2021
cfff Aww:( I used to go on call with you two all the time . I hope Ashley remembers us watching movies on call like frozen and that awful bird movie 馃槅

Birdemic is a cinematic masterpiece!
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I want to say something Jul 24, 2021
I support thesexiestdude990. While we didn鈥檛 have a perfect relationship, he helped me in so many ways. He is not a pedo and the fact that his private business was put on here with photos that were meant for a group of likeminded people. Grow up. A website of pixels isn鈥檛 worth what I saw my best friend go through tonight. Also any negative comments will be deleted. Goodnight tengaged
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Just to clarify Jul 24, 2021
thesexiestdude990 is still my best friend
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If anyone wants to chat Jul 17, 2021
My discord is foxprovince#6316 馃槉
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Hello Jul 17, 2021
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Yay foxes! Dec 13, 2017
Thank you anon ;)
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