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12 Deaths in Time

Sep 23, 2021 by lhooper902976
Episode 2 The Bloody Bombing
1.Fechu Maket            jacadeux
2.Madixie Normous             veigar
3.Sirt          Tman54445
5. Cal        wwecmw
6. Alex   Ghrocky100
7. Nisha   queenisha
8. Clara Janine    mahogany
9. Amanda The Maid  tommy123
10. Matthew Tester
11. Revealed Episode 3
12. Revealed Episode 4
13. Revealed Episode 5
14. Revealed Episode 5
15. Revealed Episode 6
4. Elian        Elian killed by Mt. Vesuvius flooding Pompeii with lava
Previously on 12 Deaths in Time
Hoop takes seven people with him on his journey to rescue people in time. At their first stop they find Alex and Amanda The Maid but, tragedy struck as Elian was left behind .
April 15, 1995 Oklahoma City 8:35
Alex: I still can't believe we left Elian behind.
Cal: Yes it was sad but, if we didn't we wouldn't be around to keep finding more people.
Amanda: Definitely true Cal, there's a lot more people like me and Alex trapped in time.
Fechu: I wonder where we are?
Clara Janine: We seem to be in some tall building. I wonder who are target is here to find?
Sirt: I'm worried since last time it was a volcano so who knows what's next.
Nisha: Definitely we should hurry and find the person or people fast.
Madixie: I concur, probably the best thing to do is split up to speed it up.
Everyone splits up as the following.  On the first story is Alex, on the second story is Hoop and Sirt, on the third story is Madixie and Fechu,  on the fourth story is Cal and Nisha, on the fifth story is Clara Janine, and on the sixth story is Amanda.
On the sixth story
Amanda: I don't think there's anyone on my story, wish there were though.
On the fifth story
Clara Janine: Darn, all I see is normal people, guess the target isn't here.
On the fourth story
Nisha: It doesn't look likely they're on this story.
Cal: Darn, I was hoping to get money for finding them.
On the third story
Madixie:  No one is sticking out to me.
Fechu: Darn, guess we didn't go to the right floor.
On the first story
Alex: I wonder who it is, I hope its someone I met before.
On the second story
Sirt: I'm scared Hoop.
Hoop: Don't worry I've got you. Guess we found the right floor.
Standing in front of them is Matthew.
Sirt: Juust who are you?
Matthew: I'm Matthew, last I remember a bomb and fireworks were used to kill me.
Suddenly Hoop looks at the map of the building and the time  before he turns pale.
Hoop: We need to go now!!
Matthew: Why's that?
Hoop: This building is about to get blown up since it's the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building from Oklahoma City, we need to hurry and get to the sixth story.
Sirt: But, what about Alex?
Hoop: We don't  have time.
Matthew ignores him and yells down
Matthew: Alex get up here!
They start running up to the third story without waiting to see if Alex was following.
On the third story
Fechu: What's the rush?
Madixie: Yeah, we seem fine.
Hoop: If we don't leave now we will die.
That quickly made them lose their voice and they start running to the fourth  story. Meanwhile Alex is on the second story now.
Alex: Who was that? Guess they found them.
On the fourth story
Cal: I see you find our bounty. Can we have a reward?
Nisha: Yeah a vacation destination would be nice.
Hoop: No time, we need to leave.
They  run up to the fifth story
Meanwhile Alex is on the third story
On the fifth story
Clara Janine: So that's who are target is.
Hoop: Sorry but, there's no time for introductions.
The group hurries up to the sixth story.
At the same time Alex is on the fourth story.
On the sixth story
Amanda: It's nice to see our new friend.
Hoop: Sadly we need to leave.
Nisha: Where's Alex!!
On the fifth story
Alex: Wait for me.
Hoop looks at the clock.
9:01 am
Hoop: I'm sorry Alex.
He winds the pocket watch and they are gone.
Hoop in his mind: When will it end?
Meanwhile Alex arrives on the sixth story at 9:02 am when the truck with the bomb explodes , causing the building to fall onto Alex and crushing him.
End of Episode 2


:O rip alex
Sent by Queenisha,Sep 23, 2021
Good deaths so far good boot
Sent by mahogany,Sep 23, 2021

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