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12 Deaths of All Stars

Nov 17, 2019 by lhooper902976
Episode 1 Welcome to the Land of the Dead
Season 1 12 Deaths of Christmas original players
purplebb4 returns as  Season 1 and Survivor of 2 Deaths of Halloween Ursula Xenia Linman
aria_grande returns as  Season 4 Zhay
Season 2 12 Deaths of Summer Vacation original players
Jasoi returns as Season 2 and Season 3 Jason
Maddog16 returns as Season 2, Season 3, and Survivor of 12 Deaths of Valentines
Season 3 12 Deaths of Halloween original players
Tester returns as Season 3 Andrea
CORNACIA returns as Season 3 Vivian Grass
piesyumyyumypies returns as Season 3 and Season 5 Mark
Tman54445 returns as Season 7 Happy Gilmore
Yandereboy12 returns as Season 3 and Survivor of 12 Deaths of Valentines Toothpaste
Season 4 12 Deaths of New Year's original players
gumball221520 returns as Season 4 Malachi
bvance1212 returns as Season 4 Billy 
Season 5 12 Deaths of Valentines original players
Jaybirdnifty returns as  Season 5 Jay Survivor of 12 Deaths of Valentines
coreyants returns as Season 5 Corey
Tommy123 returns as Season 5 Amanda
Season 6 12 Deaths Around the World
Jacadeux returns as Season 6 Mae Haswell Survivor of 12 Deaths Around the World
gay_horse_  returns as Season 6 Lindsay O' Caroll
Colincoco returns as Season 6 Xoclin Takechi
Season 7 12 Deaths in Space original players
nathorix returns as Season 7 Nathan
redskanto returns as Season 7 Kyle
zorbo678 returns as  Season 7 AJ
Season 6 and 7 Logan returns
Logan: Don't these survivors know what I'm trying to do? I'm trying to bring their friends back from the Dead and they keep refusing me when before they told me how their friends died.
Scene plays in his mind of a mummy choaking someone, ghostface stabbing someone, and a heart being removed by a robotic arm.
2 days later
The survivors who decided to help out, arrive in Hollywood.
Mae: Hey y'all, I've never seen any of you before.
Toothpaste flips her weave: I can't believe I decided to comeback to you losers.
Madi: Hopefully we find Alex so we can be together.
Ursula: I hope so child.
Jay: We all lost someone, I just hope I wasn't foolish enough to come here since Grace and I are engaged.
Ursula: Congrats child.
Toothpaste flips her weave: All this mushy stuff makes me sick.
Mae: So y'all, where is Logan.
Madi: So why is Logan involved in this business, he isn't a survivor.
Mae: He might not be y'all but, he's involved since he was the pilot on my death trip around the world.
Jay: Anyways where is he?
One minute later
Logan: Sorry I'm late but, I had to get someone.
Toothpaste flips her weave: And just who is that .
Shadow: Hello Toothpaste.
Toothpaste flips her weave: Oh no, why you. I thought I was done with you Shadow.
Shadow: This will not be easy for any of you. I'll open the doorway to get you to your friends. I just need one thing from you all.
Mae: And what's that's y'all.
Shadow: Blood of course.
Suddenly he goes and stabs Toothpaste with his knife and she collapses instantly.
Madi: You killed her.
Shadow:  It had to be done.
He focuses on the ritual and conjures a doorway .
Shadow: When you all get through, the doorway will leave and relocate somewhere else in Hell, your friends are in Limbo.
Everyone walks though and as promised, the doorway was gone. Very quickly they see their friends and go to them.
Ursula: Mark, Andrea, and Vivian, how are you doing children.
Mark: I've been working out down here.
Andrea: I've just been hanging around, I can't study down here.
Vivian: I worked on everyone's make up.
Zhay: She's so good at doing make-up. I look a few years younger thanks to her.
Logan: I'm glad your all rebonding but, we need to find that door and get out of here. Any of you dead know where it is?
Xoclin:III hhheard out was in tthe ddeeepest ppart off hell tthhe dddoor ggoes.
Lindsay: I'm so scared, I don't want to be left here.
Nathan: Don't worry, I won't let you remain here.
Happy: Hopefully I get back to grandma.
AJ: My blog needs to get written.
Amanda: We all have a reason to get out of here. I died twice and don't want to die again.
Billy: Least you didn't get crushed by a block of ice.
Corey: I still have nightmare from that corpse bride.
Malachi: Bombs and fireworks are the worst.
Jason: Leatherface ended up killing me.
Kyle: I nearly  lived last time.
Logan:Well we need to get moving, we can't stay in Limbo forever. I know the trip will be dangerous but, we came to save you dead and get you back to the living.
End of Episode 1.


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