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12 Deaths in Space

Nov 1, 2019 by lhooper902976
Episode 9 Pop goes the weasel
Co-hosted by Jacadeux Survivor of 12 Deaths Around the World
1. Redskanto Kyle
2. Tman54445 Happy Gilmore
3. nathorix Nathan
4. Jasoi J Black
5. iiVoloxity Shandelle
6. zorbo678 AJ
7. bvance1212  Billy
hogiebuns       Kami burned alive by rocketship
maxchaos Matthew killed by alien snake
Lemonface Lemonface crushed by space rock
me2013 Me pierced by rocks after being shoved
Malachite05 Dr. Smokepants body floating in space
Zuelke Zu choked
rockstarr Maggie killed after having a Xenomorph baby
gay_horse_  Monday Lovett baby Xenomorph lashed at
systrix Systrix stabbed in the back by a knife
Suddenly movement is seen from Systrix.
Systrix: Can someone get this knife out of my back.
Shandelle: Fool how are you still alive?
Systrix: It must have missed my heart or aeteries.
J Black: So will you now consider my offer?
Systrix:No way.
J Black: Worth a try.
AJ: This must get onto my blog.
Nathan: I don't think many people would like it.
Kyle; People only like death.
Billy: Who in their right mind likes deats Kyle?
Kyle: It's true though.
Happy: Let's get you back to the seats, you can use my golf club as a cane.
Systrix : How sweet.
Everyone begins heading back and from behind them is Zu.
Zu: So which of you tried to kill me!!!
Kyle: Where were you?
Zu: After the killer choked me from behind, they put me behind the suitcases, believing I was dead. 
Billy: Well let's go back.
Everyone then gets back to their seat before Hoop makes an announcement on tbe intercom.
Hoop: Attention everyone, we are about to land on our next planet.
Happy: Good, more golfing for me.
Systrix: I'll stay in here so Hoop can remove the knife.
Everyone leaves and sees a strange looking fungus on the planet, th killer instantly recognizes it.
Killer: Perfect and heads back to the ship.
Meanwhile Hoop is carefully removing the knife from Systrix.
Hoop: Almost there. There.
Then he applies a big bandage and cotton cloth with hydrogen peroxide in it underneath to take care of the wound.
A few minutes later after Hoop reneters his cabin.
Killer: Hey Systrix, what do you make of this fungus?
Systrix: Looks a little weird
Killer: I seen this type before, it's supposed to help people heal so want to have a little.
Systrix: Sure, anything to ease the pain. She eats a few bites of the fungus and feels some less pain.
Killer's thoughts: Now I just need to wait a few hours and she'll be dead.
The killer head backs out and 10 minutes later, Hoop announces it is time to leave and they all get back into the rocketship.
A few hours later.
Systrix: I don't feel so good.
Shandelle: Fool go to the batbroom, your farts stink.
Systrix hurries to the bathroom and begins feeling excruciating pain as a weasel like creature comes out of her and it kills her.
5 minutes later Zu knocks
Zu: Are you alright Systrix, hearing no answer she goes to the front of the rocketship to see Hoop.
Zu: Systrix won't come out of the bathroom and when I called her name out, I got no answer.
Hoop: I'll open the door, just incase I'll bring my shotgun.
He goes and opens the door and immediately sees a weasel like creature with no eyes and shoots it, killing it instantly.
He then sees Systrix body and knows what to do.
Hoop: No one use  this bathroom, we have to risk it and burn it so it doesn't spread but, before I do better dump Systrix and the weasel creature out in space. They are infected.
He quickly gets his spacesuit on and carries Systrix abd the weasel andd dumps them into Space.
He then gets a flamethrower and burns  all the blood and when satisfied, he uses a fire extinguisher to stop the fire spread.
Billy: What the heck was that?
Hoop: It's an alien creature that comes from a certain fungus, she must have had it and the weasel thing grew in her stomach until it wantedout and killed her. Now let's get going.
He goes back to turn the autopilot off and continues their voyage.
End of Episode 9.


my death scene is so iconic lol xP
Sent by systrix,Nov 1, 2019

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