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12 Deaths in Space

Oct 30, 2019 by lhooper902976
Episode 6 Crush you later
Co-hosted by Jacadeux Survivor of 12 Deaths Around the World
1. gay_horse_ Monday Lovett
2. Systrix Systrix
3. Redskanto Kyle
4. Tman54445 Happy Gilmore
5. nathorix Nathan
6. Jasoi J Black
7. Zuelke Zu
8. iiVoloxity Shandelle
9. rockstarr Maggie
10. zorbo678 AJ
11. bvance1212  Billy
hogiebuns       Kami burned alive by rocketship
maxchaos Matthew killed by alien snake
Lemonface Lemonface crushed by space rock
me2013 Me pierced by rocks after being shoved
Malachite05 Dr. Smokepants body floating in space
A few hours later, everyone begins waking up.
Systrix: Morning everyone, has anyone seen Dr. Smokepants?
Shandelle: No fool I did not.
J Black : Maybe he's drunk from making out with someone and in the bathroom.
Zu: Your a pig.
Maggie: He definitely wasn't with me.
Monday: Me neither, let's check the batthroom out.
They open the door and see nothing.
AJ : This is like some of the blogs I read about and a person vanished.
Billy: He's probably dead, where else can he be.
Nathan: Just be positive, maybe he's somewhere else on the rocketship.
Hoop then walks in on  them after setting the autopilot for the rocketship.
Hoop: I will say that there is indeed a killer among you.  That's all I can say on the subject.
He then goes back and turns the autopilot off.
Kyle: How fun, we're competing with a killer to stay alive. This is a twisted game.
Happy: I hope grandma got all the money I made before we left incase I die.
Systrix: I think we should split up and try to find Dr. Smokepants, maybe he is still somehow alive.
Nathan: Sounds good.
Everyone then splits up and begins searching the different rooms on the rocketship.
Killer: This is too easy.
Zu is seen searching around the luggages when suddenly, the killer begins choking her from behind.
Zu: Heeeeelp in a coarse voice .
The killer keeps his hands on her until they think she is dead. Then they hide her behind tne suitcases so no one could find her.
Everyone then gives up looking and heads back to their seats.
Shandelle: I couldn't find that fool.
Billy: Me neither.
Maggie: Um, where is Zu?
End of Episode 6


This is easy pickings for the killer lol
Sent by ColinCoco,Oct 30, 2019

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