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12 Deaths in Space

15thOct 16, 2019 by lhooper902976
Episode 1  3, 2, 1 Blast Off
Co-hosted by Jacadeux Survivor of 12 Deaths Around the World
1. gay_horse_ Monday Lovett
2. Systrix Systrix
3. Redskanto Kyle
4. Tman54445 Happy Gilmore
5. me2013 Me
6. nathorix Nathan
7. hogiebuns Kami
8. Jasoi J Black
9. Lemonface Lemonface
10. Zuelke Zu
11. iiVoloxity Shandelle
12. Malachite05 Dr. Smokepants
13. rockstarr Maggie
14. zorbo678 AJ
15. maxchaos Matthew
16. bvance1212  Billy

A person is seen typing a letter on their computer.
🕵️‍♂️ : Dear guest,
I'm inviting you to out to an out of this world trip, quite literally I might add, to join me on an adventure into Outer Space.  All you need to bring is your clothes, everything else will be provided for by me. There is a reward waiting for you as soon we land in the sum of $25,000. Our voyage begins at the Nasa Launch site in Florida.
Your truly,
The host
🕵️‍♂️: There we go, hope they all enjoy this voyage to their deaths.
After each letter was read at their respected homes.
Kami: Sounds very fun, count me in!!!
AJ: Definitely could make my blogs interesting when we come back.
Maggie: I sure could use the money, us nurses don't get paid enough.
Happy: Maybe I can film myself golfing so I can get the money for grandma to kerp her house.
Kyle: Hope we're competing for the money since I want some excitement.
Dr. Smokepants: Maybe I can use the money to make products like Smokeshoes.
The next day
Everyone boards a flight to Florida except for the host, who was already there.
🕵️‍♂️ Now to place the evelope and duck tape it to the ground and we are all set. Can't wait to kill whoever arrives first.
5 minutes later, someone can be seen walking to the Nasa Space Station.
They walk into the space station, unaware that brhind the other door was the killer host. They make it only 10 feet before the killer host sneaks up and puts a chloroform soaked napkin into the person's nose and holds it there while they struggle to  escape, eventually they submit and fall asleep.
Killer host: Time to take you to your death. 
They lift the person into a luggage cart and push them
under the rocketship where they lift them up and chain them up so they would burn to death. The killer host then hurries back and gets into their car so they aren't caught.
5 minute later people begin to arrive and by 15 minutes, the last of the cars arrive.
Shandelle: Sup everyone.
Lemonface: When are we getting onto the plane.
J-black: It's not an airplane, it's rocket. Hope the travel puts something into your brain since you clearly need brains.
Billy: Yeah, you definitely need some brains of you can't tell the difference between an airplane and a rocketship is.
Monday: Stop being mean, no one is smarter then the other. We're going to be together for quite awhile.
Zu: Who made you the boss of everyone?
Before anything else can be said, Me looks and finds the duck taped letter.
Me: Hey everyone, I found a letter.
Nathan: What's it say Miss Pretty.
Me: I'm Me, not Miss Pretty but, I'll read it.
Dear guests,
To make this adventure more fun, I'm one of you. I want you all to be surprised when you find out who I am. The only other person coming with us is a real astronaut, his name is Hoop and he will take us throughout space and will help us when we walk on other planets.  We will be leaving at 6 pm est so you better get on soon or you will miss this once in a lifetime opportuntiny. There will be arrows pointing the way and at exactly 6 pm est, the door will be automatically closed.
The Host.
Systrix: Quick everyone, that's in 10 minute so we need to be going.
Everyone quickly drags their luggage with them to the elevator, all of them barely fitting in the 2 elevators and walk into the rocketship. They all make it with 2 minutes to spare.
Hoop: This is your captian Hoop and I trained my whole life for space missions, before I started flying people into space, I was a pilot. Anyways buckle up everyone and enjoy the ride.
Matthew: I'm so nervous, I have never went into the  sky, let alone space.
Monday: You'll be alright, nome of us have went onto space.

Underneath the rocketship.

Kami: Someone help me, I'm locked up and can't get out.
Over on the intercom Launch sequence starting
Kami: No
Kami begins crying  and screaming
Kami: HELP!!!!!!!
Permission to launch
The rocket starts up and the fire from underneath the rocketship quickly burns Kami alive as the rocketship launches into space.

End of Episode 1


How many killer has Hoop helped
Sent by ColinCoco,Oct 16, 2019
You'll see.
Sent by lhooper902976,Oct 16, 2019

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